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  1. Questions about hosting

    Thank you a lot for your fast answers, bfarber. That help me a lot :) <h3> </h3>
  2. Hi there, I bought a while before all for an self hosting package.... ip.board, gallery, content, nexus, blogs, downloads. So far all works fine whenever I never used nexus yet, but I don't have the .... hmm.. pleasure for the updates... I'm thinking about an hosting package for $20 or $30 /month sience some weeks, but I have some questions before thinking deeper about a change. I have read a lot of posts here today but found not all answers. If there an answer in a thread I have not fount, please let me know.. my questions: if I take the $20 package because I don't really need nexus at moment, but one day... I can say I want the $30? It works without having reached the other limits then, too? With the hosted version all is installed "ready to go" without an upload from me? on the german site I read some time before with nexus I need... zend?. Does I need it in the hosted version, too or is this then included? with the $30 package.... get I ssl? I don't really know many about this, but I think with a shop I need this for secure (if I need one, then only with paypal) I habe somewhere else webspace and a domain. I can upload there and link things in, thats good. Videos I upload on YouTube are hosted there and I have no Webspace to use from here, that's good, too. I read about having a domain and buing a hosted version, but I don't really understand this... can me stupid human someone tell a bit of a other way (I'm not the best writer in english, sorry!!) It is only Webspace, not my own server so I think I can't do any changes in Admin A or something like that. That's ok! What I wan't to know because I want my "own" Domain: If I buy a package for hosting, have I to activate "free domain" , write in a name, search a domain (as example invisionzone.com) so it is more a subdomain, and after buying I have to write to the support that I want a www.xyz.de - Domain? You register then one for me? Or is there another place where I can first purchase the Domain? On my self hosted version I have installed some AddOns.... Can I download the language-file and upload it onto the hosted version without using all these AddOns or is this way bad for the installation? Uninstall before where the better way? I love the way of using the marketplace like here on invisionpower. I had a look into nexus because it is already installed. But I don't really understand the way to upload my files to show them as "free". Have I upload these things then to nexus and not into downloads or didn't I always saw a setting for this (want to make it right with the first upload next time then in the hosted version)? Did I pay every month via paypal to invisionpower or can invisionpower get the money as a permanent contract? Get I any notice about paying some days before ( I read that we can pay for a year) or after wich days is my community off? At last... What I do with the things I have already bought? Can I use the licence-number from there or I have then a new one?