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  1. UPDATE: and tried asking in a polite way on their PreSales forum. Of course I got biased answers and it seemed that there were a lot of youngsters and gamers in their community. But some people were real business owners. I'm not saying gamers are not business owners, but it's a different mentality. So for Christmas I bought IPS: Forum, Blog, Nexus, Content. I was originally going to purchase Xenforo, but you guys convinced me to buy IPS because of my objectives; to build a community. I probably would have picked XenForo if I had no other plans except to have a forum and that's it. I was also just a bit concerned about XenForo's long-term stability as a company At first using IPS was a struggle. Who the hell wants to work with code? WAIT!!! Hmmmm, that means my competitors will have a harder time competing. It's not as easy as using WordPress, but now it's getting super easy. The navigation was something I had to learn. Also, I must say IPS customer service has been AWESOME in helping out. . It basically out-of-the-box! By no means am I ready to launch my site, but I wanted to prove and show my NEW IPS friends that I did purchase the software. Here is my site: Build Website Business In the near future I will need a coder to install my custom design on IPS. So if you know anyone, let me know. THANK YOU TO ALL PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME CHOOSE IPS OVER XENFORO AND VBULLETIN.
  2. Anyway, quit fighting! I wrote this post and got a lot of great feedback. Xenforo is great, not a waste of money. I have decided to go with IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Nexus and IP.Content. The reason wasn't because IP.Board was better or faster, but because Xenforo can't provide the community I am looking for. Also because IP.Nexus takes care of the subscription base upgrades and downgrades as well as AUTHORIZE.NET! Once I have my site up and running, I'll post the domain in this thread. Thanks guys for converting me!
  3. DUDE! You guys gave awesome answers! JEEZE, thanks! I have tried the Xenforo demo for the past 3 days. It's easy to use and I like it. But I am very thankful for the people mentioning that if I wanted to create a community, then choose IPB. Xenforo is awesome, but I am going to start an online school so this will be more community based. Also one other BIG factor, I noticed Xenforo only offers Paypal as an option for my subscribers. IPB allows me to use my merchant account Authorize.net.
  4. I am in research mode right now and I was looking at a few forum softwares. Phpbb didn't make the cut (I don't care that it's free). vBulletin looks like it won't make the cut either (security threats & many bad reviews). It's a tossup between Xenforo and IPS. Both look good to me. Does anyone have anything they can share with me (and other prospective IPS customers) regarding IPS over Xenforo? Why did you chose IPS over other forum software?