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  1. Tournaments

    not sure if u still supporting this but for some reason im getting a error when i try to join either a tournament or a ladder saying im not a qualifying leader i have created 3 account 3 teams still same error. what can i fix
  2. Tournaments

    nevermind i fixed it Somehow it didnot install the them all the way. it had the skin_tournament but half the files were missing I rebuild and recached and it worked fine. then i did the same under my custom skin and not it works too. Yah!!
  3. Tournaments

    I have this problem when i go to tournaments page. i guess this is the sidebar or whatever its called. but i tried recache,rebuild,uninstalled resinstalled used default template.everything. but still no go other then Beccax has anyone else seen this and figured out how to fix it. Fatal error: Call to a member function linkbar() on a non-object in /home/atomik85/public_html/Zone/applications_addon/other/tournaments/sources/classes/startup/class_tournaments.php on line 174 UI