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    recifbox got a reaction from kar3n2 in Marketplace is bad for the developing process   
    i'm not a coder but i think it's not that hard to add, Invision put a tool on our hand and let us put the legal stuff by our side on this tools :
    for example admin side it's one check box to add (enable/disable cookie law) with a empty text area  to put text and url to a complete page or something else we need to complete .user side it's only a few code to add with a yes or no (that validate in database if user have accepted it).
    like this we can do what we want on it and you have just simply resolved it for lot of us European
    and like we are gentleman we can also speak to add something more on our 6 months renewal for the help here ?
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    recifbox got a reaction from kkucharsky in IP. Chat 4.0 - the proposed amendment   
    chat is something really important to communicate for most forums users, but in time user have migrated also on Facebook (they get a messenger it's like a chat) to use fan page or group, this is something that will take away user, so w need to offer better services to our users, and chat could be something that help, IPS have stated in past that will be the next big thing to work on, so when, how could we help ?
    ps: i'll also seen on "free concurrent solution" there is more advanced chat options that permit to speak even browsing forum with no popup etc etc... seriously IPS work on this !
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    recifbox reacted to Gabriel Torres in File leftover from upgrade   
    Upgrading from 3.4.x to 4.1.5 we ended up with a sitemap.xml file, which is outdated and has been replaced with sitemap.php. The upgrade script should have deleted it. I wonder if there are more files in the same situation. As such, my suggestion is to add an option or utility to scan/list/delete old/unsused files.
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    recifbox got a reaction from tAPir in File leftover from upgrade   
    +1 because we come from previous version of IPB ( 2. 3 then.x) and finally 4 perhaps it could be useful to get something to permit to clean properly our server
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    recifbox got a reaction from Hitori Bocchi in Storefront for users with commerce?   
    i hope this will be release by IPB or independent Dev because i think i'm not the only one that need those kinds of services
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    recifbox got a reaction from sobrenome in Storefront for users with commerce?   
    i hope this will be release by IPB or independent Dev because i think i'm not the only one that need those kinds of services
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    recifbox reacted to Murmel in Marketplace is bad for the developing process   
    When I use the suite software I see many things which  think are mandatory in a suite. (In my opinion of course :-).)
    You may point out that there is a marketplace where I can find all this stuff.
    That's true, but I don't want to pay for must-have plugins, more important, I don't want to be addicted to many other persons I don't know.
    There is no quality control of these person within the software project and I don't know if this plugin will destroy my community. It's like shareware or open source. Try it and let's see.
    I love buying software, because I know that the developers tested it before and are sure that this peace will work also in the next update.
    For the marketplace software I ask myself: Is it still in the next version? Is it buggy? Is it a security hole? Will it delete my forum? ....
    Maybe even worse.
    I see many postings like: Yes this should be in the standard, a definitely missing feature, I love this add-on,....
    If there is an add-on in the market, there is no need to put that in the developmentment, right, because you would take away the possibility to earn money for the programmers if you would adapt it in the core to fast. No money, no programmers ;-).
    I struggled about this because I tried to install a plugin and it wasn't working on my installation (security settings of my firewall probably).
    All the features of the standard installation are working, but not that add-on. I don't blame the developer of this add-on. Why should he do the free support for a key feature which is missing?
    What did I try?
    The European Cookie Law :-)
    There are 318,9 Millionen (2014) people in the USA and 742,5 Millionen people in europe. But there is NO Cookie Law in the software. It's mandatory for the europeans!
    BTW: That's the main reason why the shop add on will never be successful here, it's simple against the law ;-), as far as I see. So no matter what you develop.
    It's just for a few people living in the USA ;-). 

    Now back to my example with the cookies. I have to trust someone in the forum that he is doing the job. 

    Thanks really "-FP" for doing this, but this has to be standard! But I am afraid now it will not, because you did that job for 742 million people. I bet you never thought about this high number :-).
    More Examples?
    Account Deactivation, come on everybody should do this. A very good idea is here.

    Better Advertising System (Ads per Forum and not only globally). Still not for 4.x.
    Please don't misunderstand me. Thanks for the developers of the add ons and thanks for the software generally, I really like your hard work.
    I bought the complete suite and some plugins, but I also had to throw away a lot of work, because the plugins weren't updated (yet) for the version 4.x.
    They are free in their policy, they don't have to, but I hate also to be addicted to a small plugin. I want to update when a new version is out.
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    recifbox reacted to NewRockRabbit in Marketplace is bad for the developing process   
    Yes, I've followed all the arguments but the IPS stance doesn't make logical sense to me. We just need the ability as Admins to set a dismissable notification, IPS don't need to provide any content for it and its use wouldn't be restricted to cookie notices. We just need an empty dismissable notice section to which we could add our own (eg cookie) information.
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    recifbox reacted to day_ in Marketplace is bad for the developing process   
    Frustrating thing about the cookie law is you have exactly what we need already built in, dismissable notices for upgrades. If we just had access to this it would solve all our problems, you wouldn't even need to call it Cookie Law, just notices that all admins could use.
    It would have been useful when we upgraded to 4.1 with the editor cache issues, I had countless emails with members unable to post despite posting an announcement.
    Instead we're now forced into using external javascript for the cookie law, the one of which I used suddenly stopped working, no idea when, I only noticed by chance in the web inspector the other day, turns out Silktide changed the JavaScript URL.
    I've seen all the discussions on here and IPS's refusals, the law isn't very clear I'll give you that but now Google insist we have this installed if using Adsense. It can't be just a handful of Europeans using this software with Adsense? 
    Funny thing is you will have a COPPA setting for a law that only effects US users.
    Does feel like European users are being shown the middle finger here slightly. I'll let you off tho as IPS 4 is amazing apart from this and that daft unread dot.
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    recifbox got a reaction from Admonstrator in Multiple Chat Rooms   
    2016 for real ? (begin / middle or end of 2016 ?)
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    recifbox got a reaction from Josh Bond in IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   
    i think my little text will be read as total negative, but this is just what i get in my mind... i try to stay "positive" but this is very hard at this point of the time
    to be clear, when i have started my journey with my site i have made a choice of products to put online my works, 3 years ... there is some bug or glitch but with time and help including  ips tech helps i have been able to put online contents and forget that behind there is a "complexe software i have learn to use over time".
    when i hear that 4.0 will be around the corner i was very anxious about the amount of works needed to put in this new version to be sure to "at last" get the same experience for my readers on a first basis (same skins, same configuration etc...) but in the same time that was also a possibility to offer new things at the same time.
    then the first beta test go out and permit to upgrade our community and i setup a test environment to see what going on with "migration", the first time the migration to 4.0 and utf8 was good and working, there was bug but possibly fixed in near futur...
    and then i face the page challenge, all was changed, no documentation and a lot of heavy works to learn and try to get the same feeling as my 3.4.x site because my site is built around ip.content.
    here i don't speak about skining effort also to get the same look... and begin to think about "upgrading my skin design" when you have to re learn all the structure...
    so i reseted my test environment and waited a fresh version to make another try... in the middle the final 3.4.8 was out so i patched my live and updated my test. then i decided to put some effort back, because  modules i use was near completion from tier developers that was time to look at this.
    well i was unable to do a correct migration from 3.48 to 4.0.7,4.0.8 and 4.0.9 more surprising utf8 converter have leaded to driver error after converting and modifying the file needed... i was very disapointed... i'm not heavy coder or sys admin but i think i have done an honest job from my side with the help of community here and facing this trouble was very painful and lead me to begin to thing if time and money invested for a "little business" like mine worst it. and finally when i open tickets to submit it i get a no support for test environment and on bug tracker a "open a ticket" ...ook lol... but of course i will not convert my live before my test works 100% with all module and all ready to do not lost my readers
    (ps to conclude this text i have also in the same time asked to community here and invision some realistic quote to get an idea of what will cost me to have the works done correctly ... and learn this new 4.0 in //). 

    side positive note: i use this 4.0 here from the beginning and yes i see the improvement, the good feature etc etc but..
    thenical side note : my gods this is a total reset.. and i'm not sure that lot of people get the level or the time to re-learn all from scratch, perhaps i'm wrong.
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    recifbox got a reaction from Adriano Faria in best answer 3.4.x vs 4.x   
    So something i see as a regress (but not completely :D)
    in 3.4.x we get 3 form of forum type and an option for best answer 

    same screen in 4.x

    in 4.x best answer is now a type of forum so it led to my site were i have activated this feature to be converted as a complete best answer forum type lol, ok reverting the setting is taking 20 minutes not a big issue, but we lose here the ability to get the both system in the same time A forum and a best answer... is this a design choice ? because from my point of view it's not a good choice in a community to have to choose to get best answer type only or forum, is it possible to get the both way as a type and option ?
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    recifbox got a reaction from lotsen in 4.0 GOLD!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! How about a promotion?   
    yes go download it
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    recifbox got a reaction from sobrenome in RC7a released   
    yea they works hard, keep the good job going invision Staff
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    recifbox got a reaction from MADMAN32395 in RC7a released   
    yea they works hard, keep the good job going invision Staff
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    recifbox got a reaction from Ryan Ashbrook in RC7a released   
    yea they works hard, keep the good job going invision Staff
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    recifbox got a reaction from Michael.J in (M34) Collections System   
    As an user of this product i can tell you:

    it do all the need of a collection system must do, and as Mike is a nice person he is very helpfull to release new version that include patch and new feature that you need :)

    If you want to see one collection system that run i can copy/past the url of my site.
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    recifbox got a reaction from Nils in ok is this reboot is mandatory for everyday?   
    Well first of all i'm in France so here the reboot is at 10h00 Am, is it possible to locate all user that pay the chat services to be on a same timezone server and get a reboot for example at 4h00 AM.

    Because after the reboot we get trouble during the hour that follow, random kick, no access etc... and at 11h00 user could use it as normal, so if the reboot could be shifted at 4am for us euro user we will no see this "stability trouble"
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    recifbox got a reaction from Michael.J in Portal   
    yes don't need a patch just to let you know we have found were it comes from, and try to help you :smile:

    many thanks for your works Mike.
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