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  1. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Just passing by. Best IPB skin IMO.
  2. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Thank you, the Pulse skin is the best skin for IPB btw.
  3. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hello guys, my skin have some customizations, how can i update the skin without delete the previous version that already its installed?
  4. Tracker

    Thanks, i will do that. When i know what was the problem i will post here, can be usefull for someone in the future.
  5. Tracker

    I don't know if the installation was completed because i got the blank page in his end, also when i try recache i got this blank page.
  6. Tracker

    Hello guys, there is some guide to use the tracker? I just installed it, and the icons of the "System Settings" doesn't appear, there is calling the image from an wrong path "forum/admin//tracker/skin_cp/appIcon.png", another thing, when i try change something in the "Tracker System Settings" i got an blank page. The tab "Tracker" also doesn't appear, what i'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Allow the own topic owner moderate their posts.

    Thanks guys, but anyway a suggestion.
  8. I really think this would be a great tool. Certain forums can be more propitious to flame, and if we allow the own owner of the topic moderate their content would facilitate a lot the moderation. What i mean by "moderate their posts" is just allow or deny new posts in their topics.
  9. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Edit, i don't need suport anymore.
  10. I think the boards will continue having a important role on communities, social medias are for general things, the boards have an important role on specific subjects, like games, tecnology, etc. I think the boards don't must compete with social medias, but can be complemented with that. The social medias today works very fine like RSS. If you have a great content you will work WITH the social medias, not AGAINST.
  11. Two suggestions

    1 - One option that the own forum warn automatically the admin when more then one people use the same IP. 2 - One option that allow the own topic author can approve the posts on their topics.