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  1. This past week I discovered that when restricted admins promote a new administrator the new administrator gets the admin permissions of the person who promoted them and not the permissions of the group they were placed into. I placed the quote from the ticket if you would like to read more at the bottom. I totally agree there needs to be some system in place so administrator rights are correctly given out and preserved, which I believe in its current state my not properly happen, so that brings me to my suggestion. Allow the ability to set weighted admin groups, where you can weight the admin usergroups so member of group A can place people an admin in any group below their set weight value and group B below them and so on. If weights are not set then it defaults to the current system. Let me know what you guys think of this suggestion part of the transcript from the ticket is below.
  2. I have a suggestion. Is there a way you can add a feature that allows a secondary group to be edited automatically.