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  1. I'm unsure, I'd have to check again. Is there a way or shouldn't it show the points button regardless if they have enough points or not? You could have it simply say not enough points if they don't have the amount needed.
  2. Thank you very much for being so responsive.
  3. Correct. It shows 0 invitations in the first screenshot.
  4. Yes, I have already completed that.
  5. Yes, how does the member get an invite code with points? I don't see those two options when looking at the same screen. Edit: Got the commerce one set up.
  6. How do I add the option for the user to be able to purchase an invite code within members shop? I have it enabled but I don't see the option when going to shop products.
  7. I thank you for at least acknowledging our requests. It's unfortunate that the app devs making money from these can't even be bothered to check once daily to reply. While I agree that social media doesn't "pay" you for your content, some communities just like paying their members for the content that they contribute to the forum. There is lots of reasons why one may want to do this type of plan.
  8. I purchased this addon but for a $35 app, the dev is not very responsive to questions and suggestions. The APP is missing so much vital controls, it makes it hard to use. I have a forum that pays members for posting but I must hard limit their group to xx amount of posts per day in order to stop them at a certain point from earning. It shouldn't have to be this way. If the user wants to continue posting and not care about points for rest of the day, they physically can't because of the way the app is. The app is not intertwined to the commerce exchange points for currency, so that's another flaw. The app doesn't support deletion of points for a post getting soft deleted, only perm deleted. I'd like to keep the post if a user gets warned as proof, but can't be bothered to deduct all the points. These things need to be automatic. I find it hard to continue using IPB because of these restrictions whereas Xenforo has DragonBytes credits which can do ALL of these features... I'd love to see points be integrated with the actual software and support all of these major features which is very widely needed.
  9. Thanks, that's unfortunate about the soft delete. For the members shop goals; this would work for what I need? Example: I refer you to a forum under my link. You join. In order for me to get xx points, you would need to verify your email, post 10 times and be a member for x days. This is achievable with that addon? I'm also searching for a way that I can stop issuing points after xx amount of points per 24 hours without having to fully restrict the group to being able to post or comment per 24 hours. I'd just like to stop issuing points. Probably should have researched this a little more through the addons cause DragonByte for xenforo does all these actions. Hope there is a solution.
  10. Thanks! That worked! I will patiently await your response to my previous post. Also I was wondering if there is any plans to add in the future to deduct points if a post is "soft deleted". I hate having to perm delete a post to automatically remove points. I would like to retain the post if I have to warn a user for it. Suggestions: Add ability to only give points to referrals if the user has completed tasks such as post count, verified email, and been registered for x days. Add ability to soft delete posts and still automatically deduct points.
  11. Can this be used to pay users who want to WITHDRAW out of the commerce (nexus)? If so, I'm buying.
  12. It doesnt seem to work. Ive tried for two days. It just says a conversion rate is not there.
  13. [Edit] Why come when I purchase something from the shop it does not deduct the points from the user? I can keep buying the item over and over? (Seems to be from the main admin account. I tested on a user, and it worked normally) I purchased Basic Points and would like to utilize your shop with the basic points database in order to be able to "withdraw" into a USD currency and use the commerce to send withdraw payments. How is this accomplished? Essentially what I want is for the points to be acquired using the Members Shop application but the point balance to reflect in the Basic Points application so that users can use the bank, the shop, etc.. but be able to use Basic Points to "redeem" their points into USD using the nexus (Commerce) application.
  14. Does user points get removed if the post gets removed? Also, is there a way to automatically take away points should the user get a warning?
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