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  1. At minimum a brand able app that receives push notifications and allows the person to view their activity streams and any click through a launch the web app Also I would pay for this, kind of goes against your remove branding option to say you are not interested in doing a brand able app leaves the people who pay for remove branding in the dust
  2. How about just plain easy to remember URLs for people to be able to type in.... everyone is arguing over SEO and I do understand the ID in topic because there can be way to many dplicates, but for forum categories and subcategories there is no reason you could not have an off on switch for hierarchal URLs without ids in the url. domain.com/forums/category/subcategory not domain.com/forums/forum/id-category This has the added benefit of keeping the url inline with where you actually are in the forum where categories have duplicated sub-category names.... we have 2 categories on our site which have the same sub-category names in each. While I do feel this should be baked into IPS so it is an easy on off switch for all forums there is a mod currently out but requires people to enter each url in one by one. calendars should also be cleaned up, I can't imagine a situation where a forum has so many calendars to look up that you must include id numbers in the URL for performance reasons. domain.com/calendar/1-comminuty-caledar just seems excessive to me, why cant those button urls default to domain.com/calendar/month Topics which for performance reasons should have the ID should also be placed under their sub categories and unfortunately the above mod would not work for: domain.com/forums/category/subcategory/{id}-topic-title
  3. they changed it, still $20 a month for ultra fast respond as you type, ranked search is impressive.
  4. I was wondering which CSS framework was chosen for the new 4.0? I just got done wrapping 3.4 in the PureCSS framework and I have to say, I am very impressed, it is very lightweight so performance for a system written from the ground up in it would be amazing... I only wrapped it though no point in doing a complete template rewrite when you will be releasing a new major version. It is also non -opinionated, it stays out of the way as you write your own css, which is one of the reasons it only took 6 hours to wrap IPB 3.4 in it. But the responsiveness all works, try re-sizing your browser window: http://www.governmentsecurity.org/forum/ It is very lightweight in size http://purecss.io/ : Base1.2KB Grids0.9KB Forms1.4KB Buttons0.8KB Tables0.5KB Menus1.2KB
  5. The chore is that when porting jquery based templates to ip.content, the jquery files have to be all re-written to be jquery no conflict friendly in order to support the functionality of forums integration to work alongside the invision prototype javascript not to mention it makes for slow loading pages
  6. for the record, if your host is running PHP execdir patch then the disabled functions for exec need not be alarmed as it whitelists specific processes which can be executed.
  7. Your comments are highly un-educated, search platforms such as Solr have been surpassed for quite some time by ElasticSearch in terms of both manageability, speed, and scalability. But the problem with it and others such as Solr is they are just that a search document algorithm, they apply none of the ranking concepts used by Google, Amazon, Twitter etc. in other words document search is not very efficient which is what the older platforms offer. Where Algolia is using object search with a refined algorithms targeted at ranking meaning you will find what you are looking for even when typos are involved. It also is much better suited for community products like IPB where not everyone out there has the IT knowledge to manage theitr own dedicated search solution. Not to mention its average real time search response is in the 1ms - 35ms range making it faster than solutions like Solr and Elastic Search, all while being more relevant results. Its plug and play just like Mandrill was for email, and none but the largest of communities will have to pay for it at a rather low price for millions of queries per month.
  8. ooopse just realized this was from my client account and not my old forum account.... no not a spammer just never used my client account to post before
  9. Thats sad.... especially with lightning fast database storage engines being built on top of PostgreSQL.... its called JustOneDB.... it runs on a single server on top of PostgreSQL but removes indexes and in turn provides the fastest single server database in existence. http://www.justonedb.com/ Imagine how large IPB could scale running on a single 512MB RAM w250GB SSD VPS with litespeed web server....
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