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  1. Handling Spammers

    I will try this mod. However, seeing how spammers get around both reCaptcha and the IPB spam service, I am confident that even this mod will not completely prevent spammers, so getting rid of them easily must be possible anyway. I also just got the latest IPB version, there are already great improvements over version 3.2. It seems like the posts of users that are flagged as spammers are now completely deleted, or at least no longer visible to admins either. Don't know yet if whole topics are also deleted if necessary, but I'm quite happy to see such improvements. I'd update my original post if editing was possible...
  2. Handling Spammers

    I'd also like a more simple way of handling spammers. My typical situation when I see a spam post is that I want to do all of the following: - Delete post/topic - Flag account as spammer (for IPS spam service) - Further delete all posts this user has ever made (if the spammer made multiple posts before being discovered) - Delete user from database I do not want - "Hidden" posts: Why should I do that? Spam is spam and needs to get out of everyone's sight, that includes my own sight as admin as well. - Warn users: Spammers don't care about warnings, they probably posted using an automated method anyway. With IPB this is still a bit complicated. - 3 clicks: First I need to flag the user as spammer - Then I need to go back to the forum and find and delete all posts the user has ever made. Assuming it is a topic with a single post (4 clicks): - Further clicks if there are more posts... - Then I would have to go to the admin panel (login again) and delete the user (feels like: infiniate amount of clicks, login is annoying). Actual clicks: Seriously, this almost seems like making fighting spam purposely difficult. As much as I love the IPS spam service, it's clearly too much manual work if a spammer slips though, in fact, I currently skip the last of these steps because of that. Please simply the process of fighing spammers! Expected clicks (that's 15 clicks difference, not even including the clicks required for browser tab navigation): [*]Click user name [*]Click flag as spammer [*]Click OK [*]Click show moderation tools (*sigh*) [*]Click topic moderation [*]Click delete topic [*]Click "Delete now" (aww, that is so unncessary) [*]Go to admin CP [*]Enter user name [*]Enter password [*]Click Login [*]Click into search field [*]Paste user [*]Click members [*]Click user name of member [*]Click Delete [*]Confirm message [*]Flag as spam, delete user and all posts [*]Click OK (confirm)