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  1. also i tried it in FIREFOX and it looks right
  2. http://www.fortifiedgaming360.com/FxG_Forums/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&folder=&id=10 this is a test page I am trying to get this working on and then update my homepage... i am using Internet Explorer and the login test is pushed toward the left side overtop of the links... also when i open it to login in there is not register button for new users...thanx for any help...
  3. look forward to it... and the welcome PM mod i have right now but would like to see a pop up come up instead because some of my newer users seem to not know how to retrieve their PMs right away...lol
  4. the reason that something like that would be great is when members first log on to my site i would like to setup a message telling them how to complete thier membership and to full members I would like to be able to display important news and updates that newer members dont need to see..:)
  5. I havent read all comments, maybe it has already been answered but Can you have multiple message to different groups ??
  6. I am using internet explorer and noticed the same thing... would love to purchase this but can you make it more sensitve to fast mouse movements... LOVE the idea, look forward to watching the progression of this like your other mods..
  7. where it says IBProArcade Scoreboard, is there a way to change it to say whatever i want too..like "my sites" acrade scoreboard...thanx...great addon either way... if you want to take a look here is my site : www.FortifiedGaming360.com then click on the forums tab at the top..
  8. the test notice is setup to be displayed from now till christmas and for anyone on the site guest or member to view...
  9. i had the version before and it worked fine, now i upgraded and I can set it up in adminCP but it doesnt display on my site... any thoughts?? here is a link to my site to check if you can see it... www.FortifiedGaming360.com
  10. thanx for the quick responses... at least I can trust that you support what you sell...thanx
  11. I usually make my own wrapper... so this mod is not compatible using my own...??
  12. what does it mean when it says it is limited to IPB wrapper pages....im still learning but no question is too dumb right ??..lol...I have purchased many products of yours so i already know it will be great just curious about that limitation...
  13. I am using Explorer 9...I am no expert by any means so as long as it looks good im fine, just wonderin if there was a quick fix for it thats all, in fact it odesnt happen all the time so im good....overall AWESOME product at a GREAT price...thanx and keep the mods coming.. :smile:
  14. is there a way to get rid of the STOP button that pops up altogether... for some reason on mine the stop button is alwasy there whether i am hovering over it or not...thanx...if you would like to see it for yourself here is the link : www.FortifiedGaming360.com thank you in advance
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