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  1. there is an option called scroll delay, if you make that number bigger you will slow down the ticker...make sure you have the latest version as the first one has no options :smile: it sis located in system-system settings-hooks-recent topics ticker
  2. voted 5 stars...i think i have bought all your mods... keep up the great work, love everything you have done and the support is top notch !!! QUICK QUESTION : I want to edit the border color, where can i go in the skin to edit this ??
  3. alot of these issues are the reason i dont upgrade until bugs in the mods i have added are worked out and upgraded to work wth the new version.... anyways...LOVE this mod, keep up the great work and putting out great mods....
  4. when i go to edit the SHOuT REFRESH RATE it defaults to 30 and has red writing underneath that says due to resourse issues this cannot be set lower then 30 seconds. but before i updated shoutbox to the newest version i had it set to 10 seconds...is there a way to go around this and set it back to 10 seconds....maybe in the coding....
  5. thanx for the quick response...i found it now, but if i just delete it it takes out that whole option..
  6. yeah i posted in the wrong topic...sorry...i erased it, must have been just asfter you looked at it..lol...i was hoping i got it before anyone say it...still...love the audio alerts :)
  7. love this addon BTW :smile:... quick question though... when I activate the @ function it looks like this : which is good, nothing wrong with it, but i was just wondering where i could go to change the properties of it so it remain hidden until you hover over it, its kinda distracting to my members and myself but love the function of it as we use it all the time :smile:...all i need to do is edit the color to the background color but cant find where to edit it ...thanx in advance
  8. great product, just wanted to let ya know :)
  9. Anyone remember BBS(Bulletin Board Systems).... they were around before the internet and required you to call from one modem to another to interact with others...my point is fourms and such have existed even before the internet and will be around well into the future. Theses POPULAR media choises are just fads and wil fade just as fast but Forums will always be around :)
  10. i strive to stay away from social media, my site is driven by members who enjoy playing video games and being on my forums to interat with other members on a more personal level, and aside from youtube, the others dont even exist to me. when you are 30+ years old you will realize what has come and gone and realize that all these social media are just fads, believe it or not they will be replaced sooner or later by newer and more trendy apps. IP Board is an excellent software that will have a niche among forum communities for years to come. AS far as upgrades, changing little things at a time is better then just re hauling the whole system, it allows for tweaks that may or may not work thus allowing them to change directions when needed. I say THANX TO ALL DEVELOPERS OF IP BOARD and its support and I look forward to growing my site through the years with your software :)
  11. I keep getting the following error when i try to setup a tester to make sure the system works.... Everything looks filled out but i get this message :sad:.... if you would like please visit my site and try to send a message(contact FxG tab) http://www.fortified...orums/index.php NVM figured it out...:)...great product !!!
  12. i tried that and it says that the language is locked and cannot be edited...:(
  13. IDK if this has been answered before but i cant get the icons to display in the sub forums, they still show the stock ones even though i have activiated custom icons in the mod and uploaded a PNG for them. i have done the other edits to get it to work for the forums is there some edits i have to do to get the sub forums to display also... thanx my site is www.fortifiedgaming360.com if you want to take a look at my forums...
  14. looks great...thanx again for the support..:)
  15. just an option that says demo mode on/off and it would ignore cookies and just come on everytime you could make quick changes to lets say the size of the box or how it appears and you want to check it out real quick without going through the steps of deleting cookies... thats all... just a thought...
  16. figured it out.... i had deleted cookies but there was a setting check to not delete cookies from my favorites so it wasnt actually delelteing my favorite website cookies... its all good now :).. Works great...but a demo option would be cool :)
  17. everything you did worked great except for one thing it looks great when it is just there but once you hover over the name the blue circle with the X in it apprears by the links on the left side....
  18. bought and installed... setup to what i liked, saw it, looked great but changed a few things, is there a way to set it in like demo mode so i can double check the changes i made... i have cleared my cookies but i cannot get it to display again :(.. if not this would be a great thing to add in an update...:)
  19. I guess i should also mention that it was doing this before i modified the color scheme
  20. sorry should have posted this originally :) this is what i see in IE9 but in firefox it displays right...
  21. Still seems to be messed up for me with compatibliy mode on or off... IDK what else to do if you can't reproduce it...HMMM
  22. oohh... alright... i will check :)... i know it works fine in FIREFOX so i thought maybe it was something stupid im missing...
  23. i will be picking it up for sure , and keep up the great job on the mods and support !!!!! I think i have bought all your mods lol....
  24. got the register button to appear but the sign in or register button is still over top of the links, but only in IE9, looks good in firefox...
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