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  1. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Actually for all non-trivial forum, we really need release note for the reason you told. I think even in maintenance release, IPS should say something about the release to inform us of the situation. Important bug fixes list would be nice, and it also show us you are really working on it and we would really improve our site by upgrading.
  2. Attached image always removed in quotes

    I understand the technical situation quite well as I have read through the issue report about this. My point is, most public forum is, you know, public. In my opinion, this behaviour favor minority of the forum while opt out the majority, and does not support the use of sharemedia tag in public forum. Currently, I don't want to educate my user to use that because they'll ask "Why can't we quote the image?" and I have no eligible answer from user's point of view. I'm suggesting that while it's necessary to enforce the permission, this should be configurable in some way for the sake of public forum.
  3. Attached image always removed in quotes

    Sorry. Maybe this is what I mean. Sharing through My Media. .. and the image completely disappeared with no trace.
  4. I know it's kind of security enforce, but I believe many forum owners don't really want it that way. Our users always complain that it's annoying because they cannot quote reply to the picture. Should we have the configuration option to enable/disable this? For the sake of example, here is some random picture.
  5. Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS

    I'm administrating a political discussion forum, and editing a post by moderator is not a trivial action (our members really expect us to respect their freedom of speech). With post history, it would be helpful and really make it clear to the post owner about how the post has been edited.
  6. IMHO, the signature is the most abused feature by the regular members because its forum-wide effect and its 'just saying' nature. If I could make the restriction for the signature, I would allow only plain color with bold and italic formatting.