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  1. Also wonder if its possible to covert old quiz to new one
  2. can't edit description of quiz in frontend??
  3. http://www.terrarium.pl/forum/142-warany/ but here is a chance when i click on random prefix to add to for example http://www.terrarium.pl/tags/forums/%C5%BCywienie/ http://www.terrarium.pl/tags/forums/%C5%BCywienie/?search_app_filters[forums][forums][]=142 so you know just to show prefixed topics from that forum ? [btw if i turned off special chars in urls, prefixes should also respect that:P ]
  4. ok thank you, would be usefull. i think this is only lack of this mod, and no option for double prefixing
  5. hello, any chances to display prefixes below forums like here http://www.mediafire.com/view/cg5p3vxpatbeqdg/scrn-5668c3bd.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/x30h8o86syws2j4/scrn-5668c3ed.png what code to put in template ?:) i just need to display they same thing but in forum description area
  6. hello, any chances to do in a template like on images: http://www.mediafire.com/view/cg5p3vxpatbeqdg/scrn-5668c3bd.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/x30h8o86syws2j4/scrn-5668c3ed.png so i would like to put prefixes also to forums descriptions ? any chances to do it in template? would be awesome...
  7. meh @DevRegan is offline i still cant use this software which i paid for...
  8. Hello please check PM, i cant use your software itś not working... 

  9. cool but my version for 3.4.6 is still not working and you still not going to help me with solve the issue, all other apps are working normally, i got responsoe on 31.10 from you to explain i did still not answer on PM i want to use it mate and i need it now :)
  10. seems i bought this and i will have to fix myself frontend... hmm
  11. hello, how to get to frontend ? i got hardcoded menu. /groupjoin not working or applications or applicationssytem at index.php?app=groupjoin i got blank page.
  12. i have hardcoded this, could you please refund to my paypal and cancel my order? thank you,
  13. Hi any chances, to put seprate css classes on separate groups ? i wanted to have green color for one group, and black for mdoerators etc... damn i thought it is possible to do with that not only one color ;> ok i think you could help me to do it hardcoded for example each group got ID, can you tell me what to put and where to which template to have an option with css to set for example .usergrouphighlight1 div.post_wrap h3.row2 { background: #d9efc6; } .usergrouphighlight2 div.post_wrap h3.row2 { background: #d9efc6; } where 1,2, are groups ID's ? next thing is Topic Author i would like to put it right from author not left like now and with text with ip badge ?:)
  14. hello, 1. it shouldnt collect windows when i click in differents lists to check who is online i can click 10 times and i got 10 windows to close, thats not nice and window should close on clicking background like on hovercard i suppose... and would be nice.
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