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  1. Hide forums

    Hi there, I just noticed that the Show Forum permission when unticked completely hides the forum and its topics which defeats the purpose of the Read Topics permission. I personally think this is a little silly as people (like me) may want to make a forum with hidden content that they would like to link to externally. For instance a link to a thread that they have to read before proceeding to make a new thread in another hidden forum. It sounds more complicated than it is but in the long run I think it makes more sense to have the Show Forum just hide the forum from the board index and stop users seeing the other threads in that forum rather than to block everything. I hope this makes sense! Thanks, Corin
  2. Tracker

    Wow I uh... don't recall installing it but yeah, it was there. Thanks a lot for that, you just saved my ass from making an empty promise! Also amazing support speed, I'm impressed. Once again though, thanks a lot for that, appreciate it.
  3. Tracker

    Hi there, I think I'm the only one here who has this issue but, I can't seem to install it, period. It just wont show in the applications area to install it. It's probably something I've done wrong however I uploaded it like every other application and every other app seemed to install fine it's just this one wont show. I've tried re-downloading it from the marketplace and re-uploading it to my board yet it still doesn't show. My board version is 3.4.2 Thanks in advance o/