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  1. IPB vs Facebook

    I dont think ipb and facebook, google... can be compare at all, I mean we compare 150 $ of software plus our server /whatever they are/ with few bilions $ worth of facebook or google... What kind of server we will ned to have to alow upload 100 or 1000 of members videos daily? FB, google... they are beast worth billions, is not only software.. is infrastucture behind them what we can not copy or have, well at least I can not. Forums are differents niche, if you wont to imitate fb, google... interaction, conversation, general nonsense usualy with forums I dont think that will work. 99 % of content I see in fb I will bann imideatly, I mean most of content is someone dinner, his/her picture in mirror, and maximum 20 words of content, that made most of facebook content , for me that is BS what I do not wont to see in my site at all.
  2. Download: Noble v1.1.0

    Yes I checked yesterday, no problems any more. Beautiful skin, do you know will he work with new 3.4 version?
  3. Download: Noble v1.1.0

    really weird, I tryed again few minutes ago and same action from windows security esential software, it close the windows and tell me there is trojan who he put in quarantine. Also in that few seconds before my antivirus software get activated I can not see demo, only some error like : canot modife header ...warning... etc just checked quarantine in my security essential software and he tell me he find: trojan:JSblacoleref.CP , in your demo site. Please do not get me wrong, is a nice theme and I would like to see a demo but everytime I checked I get same trojan warning. Dont know why virustotal scan do not show virus on your demo link and my security essential software show trojan in demo link.
  4. Download: Noble v1.1.0

    Dont know do you noticed that or not but when I click on your demo link I get virus or some similar notification, also after I try to visit your demo link my pc go nuts, checked few minutes ago with another antivirus software and same issue
  5. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    Great skin, very inovative. Do you have in plan light/white version? Is to dark for my forum.
  6. strange homepage after logging in

    I had that all the time last 2 days, even open the ticket regarding that issue, when I was loged I saw no forum, when I was guest I saw forum, fixed that with changing pasword. Weird issue
  7. Sliding Pop-up Message Box

    Hmm I am not Bill Gates, dont have a clue where I can delete cookies Just kiding, even it took me 5 minutes to find where is cookie cleaning. Work like a charm, thank you again
  8. Sliding Pop-up Message Box

    Enkidu thank you, I still do not see the pop up mesage but I think that is due to cookie setings for 1 one day, I should see him tomorow and notify you if is everything ok. Completly agree with Volstate, outstanding customer service and problem solving
  9. Sliding Pop-up Message Box

    No it pull images from files on the server, here is the image path for slide show /public_html/forum/public/style_images/images_white_sea/slide
  10. Sliding Pop-up Message Box

    It come with the skin, so due to slide show what come with skin your slider can not work? Ahh never mind then, slide show what come with skins is beautifull so I would not like to lost him, to bad it come to the conflict betwen them, well that the life. Thank you for fast reply and help.
  11. Sliding Pop-up Message Box

    Hello Enkidu, recently I switch the default skin to new custom skin and sliding mesagge are not showing any more, checked the ACP and setting but can not find option who will help me with this issue, can you tell me what I need to do to have sliding pop up in my new skin? Did I need to recachee something or something similar? Thank you
  12. Download: Elegance Infinity ~White Sea~

    In case members do not follow Beatless support forum need to say that Beatless fix all the issue, support and help is first class, and IMO this skin is beautiful. 5 stars from me for skin and support
  13. Download: Elegance Infinity ~White Sea~

    Hello Beatles I purchased your skin, instaled per instruction but most of the skin are red x, to get a better idea please check the link: http://www.elegancer...ettingNewSkin=5 If you do not see the skin please at the bottom of the forum chose skin chaser. As you can see I do not have my old forum url http://www.elegancereef.com/forum/ now have all those text after him, can you please check and see what is going on?
  14. Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud

    Thank you very much Enkidu , do not lost my details ,lol, because everytime you publish new hooks or plugin you will need him. I dont know where I made mistake, probably upload in the wrong place or upload wrong file, I realy hate when I read in readme file : Now you'll need to upload everything inside the upload dir to your board's root directory keeping the structure intact then I know I will screw something, those ftp thingy are not for me, I am obvoiusly ftb disabled But thank to Enkidu my forum have 3d tags, they are very nice, beautiful and is funny to play with them with the mouse
  15. Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud

    nope, this is enkidu 3d tags, ipb standard tag are called Popular Tag, Enkidu is Popular Tags , I had both published on my side, ipb was on the bottom of the right sidebar and I disabled them, when both was enabled both was identical, no 3d effects, also I just checked my hooks in ACP and enkidu 3d tags are enabled , thank you for your help anyway.