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  1. Any word on when the app feature will be available?
  2. Any update on the above please? @batarjal
  3. Okay, but my members still get assigned a secondary group after connecting their Patreon account. For instance, a member who was in the group "Senior Member" gets moved to the group "Patron" and then "Senior Member" becomes their secondary group. So I have to go and manually remove the secondary group for every member. What about the title above it?
  4. Hi @batarjal, is there a fix to this? I have to manually change the group for every new patron, which makes the plugin useless.
  5. Found another issue: "Don't assign groups" doesn't work for extra groups. I select "Don't assign groups, click save, it saves, but when I go to "Group Mappings" again, it's still unchecked.
  6. Hi, Love the plugin, but when users connect to Patreon the message "Do you support ___ on Patreon?" uses my real name rather than the Patreon page name and I can't change that. Also in the Admin CP in "Campaign" it says my real name rather than the campaign name.
  7. I want to put text after the "Title" field on the "Create New Topic" page, but I can't find the part in the template where to put it. Any ideas?
  8. This was perfectly! Thank you so so much. Please PM me your paypal address so I can buy you a coffee! 🙂
  9. Many thanks for the response, I appreciate it. Unfortunately {$comment->author()->contentProfileFields()} doesn't return anything. I also need to return a specific custom field, not all of them.
  10. Willing to pay a small fee to someone who can help me figure this out
  11. Hey guys! Hope everyone is well! I'm working on a theme for my website and I'm struggling with adding a custom profile field to the postContainer template. I know the code for custom fields in Pages is this {{if $record->field_51}} {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('key', 'listing')|raw} {{endif}} What would be the equivalent for this code for custom profile fields? Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm trying to upgrade to 4.4 and for some reason I'm getting a 500 Server Error. When I go back the only option I have is to Continue the upgrade which leads me to the same error. How do I start a new upgrade?
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