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  1. Download: Freeze Red

    What I can say this skin and Freeze blue are coming back, with some changes, very soon so stay tuned :)
  2. Download: Freeze

    What I can say this skin and Freeze red are coming back, with some changes, very soon so stay tuned :)
  3. Sadly I don't got access to active licenses for the apps :(
  4. It should look good in all the offical IPS apps, what I am not sure about is the Arcade one.
  5. As I've asked you earlier, have you tried it on another PC, it might be your PC for some reason, out of 15 previews of different PC's (tested on another forum) I recieved this issue by you and one more.
  6. Fixed the bugs that occured for some of you, hopefully. Also I suspected that the dev-board didn't act well so I deleted and made a new one: http://bejtuladesign.com/development/
  7. Asked more people to test this out and see if the result was same as the bugs that were posted, none had those issues. :)
  8. Do you got access to test on another PC? Edit: Just tried on my other laptop same specs, same results.
  9. Well that's very weird, since I use the exactly same :/, what's your OS (it shouldn't depend on it probably, but let's see), what's really looking weird is that maintitle-bar is longer than the rows, which shouldn't occur at all. Can someone more tell me if you got the same bugs?
  10. Hmm, weird, what browser and what screen-size do you have? Since I even see that it didn't print the logo as it should either?
  11. File Name: Cloud skin - Light-weight skin File Submitter: btmach. File Submitted: 26 Apr 2013 File Category: Light Skins http://bejtuladesign.com/development/ USERNAME: test PASSWORD: test Click here to download this file
  12. Download: Freeze

    I haven't had time, but I plan to totally recode the skin for next major release :)
  13. Download: Lexus

    Not atm, since I'm very busy with custom requests, sorry :(
  14. Download: Lexus

    Get back to me in a PM and I will get back to you asap, since I'm extremely busy atm.
  15. Download: Lexus

    I'm moving to another host so I will remove the link for the moment, and yes it can be wider ;), contact me for through PM for further info.