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  1. Updated and the entire footer has now disappeared edit > nevermind added a new block and it must've cleared some stale cache it to get it to return
  2. yeah it's getting blocked for the way the call is being implemented "MIME type ('application/json') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled."
  3. 3.4.2 > 4 upgrade

    Hi there, i'm in the process of testing a ibp3.4 upgrade to ipb4 , just a couple of questions Is there a way to run the rebuild posts tool from a command line or ? it's taken over 10 hours so far through the browser tool for a 2m post community... -- also i'm assuming after this rebuild any twitter links/image links/youtube etc will have been parsed to show the embedded version now rather than the text/link which seems to be currently in place? Is there a list/synopsis of "dead" files available so i can do a cleanup of what's not needed after the upgrade from 3.4? Lastly, is there a setting to automatically change a link through to a page title like Xenforo/VB offers? eg pasting in www.google.com would automatically become Google Thanks
  4. WordPress IPSConnect

    Ello, just a bit of a presales enquiry on wordpress ipsconnect. currently i'm using the previous (and now defunct/disappeared) wordpress sso that was featured on the marketplace by ah-modding. Do you know of any integration problems i'll have if i switch to your plugin? unsure how it works as a lot of the forum users will have already been created within wordpress now with this previous plugin how the switch will be treated, or if this will be an issue. Any info would be great cheers
  5. any update on this then is it compatible or is there issues?
  6. Any issues with this and and the new wordpress release? held off upgrading so far
  7. Url Shortening

    is there anyway to disable this through the forums/calendar? the problem being (the calendar really being the issue) is if we include links to say google maps (which a lot of our calendar events do) they come accross as http://maps.google.c...5789,-0.1910935 rather than http://maps.google.com/maps?q=51.4815789,-0.1910935 which is fine through the calendar itself the link stays clickable as only it's "text" as changed, but seeing as these calendars are exportable to other devices/calendars/outlook etc etc it renders them useless as they get the link as the shortened text rather than the href behind it.
  8. Grand yeah, properly painless to install and get working. happy enough with it. i'd been using a more expensive alternative IPBWI to try achieve the same thing for a fairly large set of forums, and it was giving me considerably more hassle and was 5x the cost, granted for the money it comes with built in widgets for displaying recent topics and what not and a decent response time for support , but i've replaced that with some rss feeds generated from the boards themselves. but yeah for the $30's this is doing the job nicely combined with some redirect plugins to keep the users from getting into the wp dashboard/wp-login screens you'd never know the site was wordpress really.
  9. One last question, is there anything i need to do to get the avatar pictures to sync on wordpress? they aren't coming across at all apart from one member and the only difference is he's using gravatar and the rest have uploaded theirs is there anyway to get the uploaded avatars synced?
  10. n/m got it sorted myself :)
  11. hello, just got this installed and working well :) is there a way to change the logout to redirect to a different url other than the wordpress logout/login page?
  12. mountains out of molehills like, people just love a good whinge. Alot of ott debate over something no one is going out of there way to make you do yet (yes i know tip of the iceberg and all that...), it'd be a lot easier if someone knocked up a quick example to lob into your template to cover it. then if you think its pointless don't bother, but its there if you want.
  13. Having to do this myself for a fairly large football forum i run,