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  1. Time Frame Maximum Threads Limit

    how to limit posts by Hours? I want to enable 2 posts per 1 hour... How can i do that? please let me know.
  2. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    I enabled it now and working fine..thanks for your reply. But still had one more issue... When i enabled the topic view sidebar in my website and select position LEFT in settings ... existing default sidebar on my HOME PAGE is also automatically shifted to left. Can you please let me know how to control it.
  3. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    Hi, I updated the forum to new version and when i enabled the ads in global sidebars nothing is showing up... I checked all the settings but not sure where the issue is...
  4. Banner Ads in 1st Post

    I purchased and installed this plugin and it is not working. When i enable the ad in first post it is not showing anything...
  5. Pulse by IPS Themes

    can you please give me the steps to do that.
  6. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    please check your PM. I forwarded the information you requested. Thanks for your help
  7. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Hi, I recently purchased links directory. Everything is working as expected. The only issue i have is when i enable the Moderate Links option in the specific catageory and if user submit links it is showing error. I attached the error message. But links are getting submitted to the unapproved queue and i am having the option of approving it. The only thing is when anyone submits link...immediately after clicking SUBMIT NEW LINK button the following page is showing error message even though it is submitted for approval successfully. If i disable the Moderate Links option everything works fine... can you please let me know why this error occurs.
  8. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    If i enable the sidebars on topic and forum pages the board index default sidebar is disabled automatically. previously it worked fine for old versions. I am having this problem after upgrading the ipboard to new version. 3.4.5. Please let me know how to correct it.
  9. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hi, How can i change the navigation so that it will not show More. for guests navigation shows all the tabs but for users who login to the site the last link is replaced with more and under more the orignal tab is showed.
  10. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Can anyone let me know the steps on How to reinstall Plus theme? I got many errors and even i am unable to edit members. So please let me knoe the steps to reinstall
  11. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    I upgraded to the latest version and this mod stopped working. Please let me know if i need to change any files ...Thankyou
  12. Redirect after sign-in

    can we redirect after reply to the forum index? please let me know if there is any mod existing?
  13. Pulse by IPS Themes

    hi i purchased and installed your skin...it looks very good... i just want to add some ad codes to the webpages... I want to add adcode which will display on sidebar for all the pages except on board index. can you please let me know which files i need to edit and what changes i need to make. thankyou...
  14. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    i forwarded codes to you.......
  15. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    first i used 200px its not working...... then i changed upto 350 and still it is not working.....