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  1. This. iconv was used to deal with special characters in usernames in conjunction with the urlencode. Not 100% certain the following will work but you could try replacing $nm = urlencode(iconv($this->settings['gb_char_set'], "UTF-8", $member['members_display_name'])); $em = urlencode(iconv($this->settings['gb_char_set'], "UTF-8", $member['email'])); with $nm = urlencode($member['members_display_name']); $em = urlencode($member['email']); Not sure it will work and if your members have special characters in their name it could also cause a problem.
  2. Use phpMyAdmin and go to the pfields_content table. For the field of sfsMemInfo set a default value of 0. That should fix that error.
  3. It was just moved to a new category. Ill be looking into the reports in this thread. Just have not been able to duplicate them yet.
  4. So due to some major health concerns, some paying code work and then piling Red Hat and Cisco training on top of an already packed family life I apparently missed the window to move this file to a new category. It no longer shows up when searched for, not in my profile, cant click the link in the first post here, etc. Ill have to re-upload I assume and then I can look at what is causing the errors. It needs a bit of a rewrite anyhow but I just havent had time.
  5. Odd, shouldn't be pulling anything to do with graphs during install. In fact in looking over the code I am truly stumped at whats triggering it, I havent been able to duplicate this at all.
  6. What page are you accessing, php version, windows or linux server?
  7. iconv should be part of your php install. Without the exact mysql error I am unsure what may be happening. Can you post that, also have you tried completely removing and reinstalling?
  8. Sorry, been a lot of things going on in life that have kept me offline. Is your site running on PHP 4 or 5? Same question as above. Could better troubleshoot this one with the error message it generates in the cache directory.
  9. I havent looked into project honeypot but suppose it really wouldnt be an issue to add it. Been busy with some paid work lately but will see if I can swing back around to this. SFS will not accept a submission that doesnt include an API so thats why you are not seeing any numbers increasing on there side. I may have not put a check in for that so even tho it appears to be submitting its not because the API key is missing, Ill have to look into that as well.
  10. Safari Push Notifications

    The new notifications system will more than likely only ever be supported on OSX as its an OSX feature that Mavericks is now allowing websites to use. Web based push notifications work on Safari and Chrome for sure but those are done via some javascript and the webpage sending it has to be open. Cant really see how IPS could implement the new notification system for anyone buying their software though as it requires an iOS or OSX dev account with apple ($99/year) to access the APNs that sends those notifications. Unless apple is eventually going to allow access to only that for websites for free eventually.
  11. Thats odd, as the uninstaller uses the IPS methods for uninstalling and should automatically deal with table prefixes...
  12. I can think of no other thing that would be causing it to not work if all settings are correct in the app settings. I use the same version available here on my live site (not a dev version) and it has blocking at least a few spammers day. I assume the rate check in the SFS stats is working and reporting back.
  13. The .org is not a typo as far as the mirror goes. The first time I mentioned the www vs the us I did typo it. Only change it at this line. ("http://www.stopforumspam.com/api?ip={$ts['ip']}&email={$em}&f=serial"); to this ("http://us.stopforumspam.org/api?ip={$ts['ip']}&email={$em}&f=serial"); The rest of the instances are just the links to the results that come in the email. The .org mirror is an api server only so if you changed those, clicking the links would take you to a server that had nothing for you to see.