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Entry Comments posted by Makoto

  1. ​I was wrong.

    My mistake, I misread the patch note above. Definitely it is still broken. To fix, in the file admin/applications/members/modules_public/list/view.php  replace this line:

    $this->request['quickjump']     = isset($this->request['quickjump']) ? intval( $this->request['quickjump'] ) : ;

    with this one:

    $this->request['quickjump']     = isset($this->request['quickjump']) ? $this->request['quickjump'] : ;


    ​You do realize your "fix" is essentially to unapply the security patch, right?

    Here is a temporary fix that should resolve the issue without actually undoing the patches intention, please use it instead if you must:

    $this->request['quickjump'] = ( isset($this->request['quickjump']) && preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z]$/", $this->request['quickjump']) ) ? $this->request['quickjump'] : 0;
  2. This is personally something I've really wanted to see. I even thought about trying to create a hook that would automatically parse links into media tags, but like many things I never got around to it. >_<


    The styling and everything looks wonderful here too.

  3. As for a member being able to see the content of what they did wrong, I think that would be a good idea, provided that they can't see who reported them or what the reports say. ie, only the reported content. That way, they can see what it was that they said that got them in trouble. Even if they disagree with the decision, it could give them the opportunity to see it for themselves.

    This is what I've been going on about for months.

  4. Still would love the ability to pre-set member notes for individual warn reasons, along with some of the other things I mentioned here:



    Overall I would personally like to see more improvement to the warnings system, because it's one of the most stressing and time consuming things for me as a community administrator, but this does look nice so far.

  5. This is great and all, but what about the "Unapproved Content" page in the ModCP that exists in v3? I've added a link to this page on my ModCP bar manually for ease of access, but it seems like this blog post is making it appear as if this doesn't exist >_<


    This page makes your job significantly easier when it comes to approving pending content. It even lets you filter by type of content/app like terabyte is suggesting. Has this page been forgotten about by everyone? ;_;


    Members being able to see their pending content is a great update. I have members that double post when they get confused the first time they post and have nothing but a small notification returned to them.


    I'm definitely looking forward to parts 2-5 in this series.

  6. Yay dropzone!


    This looks truly impressive.


    You should have included a screenshot for the file display page too, it looked wonderful in the video :P


    Will upload resume be supported in IP.Downloads (similar to how it currently is in IP.Gallery)?

    Where if you navigate away from the page accidentally, you'll be prompted to continue the upload when you return.

  7. Any chance of being able to only follow replies made by the topic author? I'm not sure if there'd be much demand for such a feature, but it's a relevant suggestion I had, figured I'd throw it out here anyways.




    Aren't desktop notifications supported by both Firefox and Chrome now? I'm sure this is a feature that can be hooked into 4.0 regardless, but besides that, what about Ajax powered notifications? (This is a little off-topic, sorry)

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