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  1. Super News Feed

    I have this issue: In the global feed on the front page of my forum, if there's an updated calendar event displayed on the feed, I get a bunch of PHP warnings and errors, and the character encoding of the whole page gets messed up - all scandinavian characters become garbled. Can anyone duplicate this?
  2. Polling improvements please

    This has been requested for so long, it's getting hard to understand why nothing is done. Honestly, the option to hide poll results (until a given date or admin action) and guest voting cannot be that hard to implement. Polling improvements, please!
  3. Calendar Event API

    I would definitely be interested in any added functionality for the calendar.
  4. RSVP Restrictions

    This would be an extremely useful feature.
  5. Super News Feed

    I've now managed to get it working. Unfortunately I'm unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem, because at some point I got "a bit" frustrated and did everything I had already tried, this time many times over and then again (disabling&enabling the plugin, editing gallery capture settings, recaching, rebuilding, etc etc etc) and without testing functionality in between. After an extended period of what could be described as frenzied flicking of the light switch on and off, the plugin suddenly started picking up actions and so far it seems to be working normally. Thanks for your efforts in trying to solve this, I'll keep you posted if there's any further problems or if I can figure out what was going on.
  6. Super News Feed

    Let me know if you need any further information from me and I'll try to help anyway I can. I'm running a near-vanilla setup, with Shoutbox v1.3.3 being the only other modification besides Super News Feed. I did have the same problem as silberfuchs with the Gallery update & the old Super News Feed Gallery hook, but having gotten past that there are no other problems with the IPS suite itself.
  7. Super News Feed

    Another update: I cleaned up the temp category left behind by the upgrade and checked out that everything was working perfectly in the gallery itself, and it had no effect, the gallery hook for the news feed is still not working. Honestly it really does not look to me like the 85 random actions would be "the app catching up" like you wrote. They are not the 85 most recent ones, they seem to be completely random, and as I wrote, they appeared on the feed table the second I commented on a photo to test functionality. It doesn't really seem logical to me that the photo commenting would result in random actions (but not all) from the last 6 months to appear on the feed. I think I've tried everything I can think of now, completely out of ideas.
  8. Super News Feed

    Yes I have, it's not logged.
  9. Super News Feed

    It's not just the missing comment. Nothing from the gallery is being logged right now, the database just has these 85 random old actions. There is some confusing category/album setups currently in out gallery due to the v4->v5 conversion and I'm in the process of cleaning everything up, I'll let you know if there's any change when I'm done.
  10. Super News Feed

    So, I did a complete uninstall and re-install of Super News Feed, including deleting all old files from the server and re-uploading everything from the latest downloadable package. The Gallery hook is still malfunctioning, but I managed to gather some further information and it's pretty weird, here's what happened: - after installing the gallery hook, no old gallery actions can be seen on the feed, the feed is empty - as a test, I comment on a random photo - the new comment cannot be seen on the feed, but suddenly there are 85 older Gallery actions (album creation and photo uploads), all by the same user (our gallery moderator). There are no comment actions, and the actions that appear are not the 85 latest ones, they seem to be rather random 85 ones from the last few months. - if I log on as this gallery moderator user and try to comment on photos or upload new ones, these actions do not appear on the feed. It's still just the same 85 odd ones. That the appearing old actions are all by the same user can very well be just because the overwhelming majority of album creation and photo upload actions on our forum are performed by the user in question. Also, please note that while testing, I double-check everything directly from the mysql database, so this is not an issue of the actions just not being displayed correctly, it's definitely a logging issue. Before my first test-comment the feed table is empty, after the comment (and no other action of any kind) the feed is suddenly populated with 85 random newImage and newAlbum actions.
  11. Super News Feed

    Yes, of course :) Also tried disabling&re-enabling and all sorts of things but nothing seems to help.
  12. Super News Feed

    One thing came to my mind, don't know if it makes any difference, but I had the previous version of the Gallery hook on "disabled" when I uninstalled it. Could this have caused the new hook malfunctioning? I'm running out of ideas, I think I've tried everything but a complete Super News Feed uninstall & reinstall.
  13. Super News Feed

    It's not being logged. The gallery actions from before the upgrade are still there, and they show up in the feed normally, but no actions after the upgrade have been logged.
  14. Super News Feed

    First of all huge thanks to silberfuchs, I would never have realized that it was the Super News Feed hook that was horribly messing with my Gallery 5.0.1 upgrade. So - having gotten past that, I've now upgraded to the latest IP Suite versions, as well as the latest Super News Feed hooks, but for some reason the Gallery hook is not picking up anything. What I did after the IP Suite upgrade was: 1) completely uninstalled the old Super News Feed hooks 2) Installed the new Super News Feed hooks (yes, the gallery5 one) 3) rebuilt all caches, reimported hooks, etc Basic functionality is there, and the Calendar hook is working, but the Gallery hook isn't. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  15. Super News Feed

    Thanks, problem gone.