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  1. Steam Profile Integration (3.4.x)

    Got Lavo's steam login and this running, it works manually updating status in profile but the task doesn't seem to be updating anyones information automatically. The task is running fine with no errors.
  2. Remove the avatars from the IP.Chat!

    Yeah was just getting rid of the avatars, personally don't mind the rest of the interface.
  3. Remove the avatars from the IP.Chat!

    Found a way around it, can still overwrite the ips.chat.js file from the older version...you keep the new features, and still can use the old chat text field w/o the avatars.
  4. Remove the avatars from the IP.Chat!

    I agree, avatars in the chat is a horrible idea and people on my forums complain about it as well. Why is there no option to remove them at the very least?