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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    It only shows 1 package that doesnt exist anymore. I made 6 package to test, but then i noticed that they are not in the list. And then i noticed that i have a older version of the application, so i am now upgrading. Ill inform if that works, thank you. __ Edit: Im sorry but this made me feel very stupid. I forgot to check Administrator in the permissions, thats why i didnt see it. Thanks anyway, i love this mod.
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    Hmm, now the packages arent even updating when i add/remove them. I already removed the whole application and reinstalled it, did overwrite tables, caged and rebuilded everything and it doesnt seem to work properly.
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    Hi, Im made a new currency (euro) and deleted USD. But now when i try to make a new package, i can only select usd. I recaged it already and that didnt work. Anyone has a solution? Thanks
  4. Nacht Skin

    Hey, I got another question. I recently got fusionmenu working but when i do a dropdown menu (i think it works like the ''more'' menu) its just blue like in the default skin. Is this a bug or did you not design the dropdown menu? Because it doesnt look very nice, just a solid block of blue in the menu.
  5. Changed hosting

    Hey, I recently changed hosting, but how can i change that in my licence. The profile pictures are also not loading (just shows as a white strechted thing). Thank you
  6. Download: Fusion Menu

    Still no luck :no: Maybe theres someone willing to help me, ill give him a account with acces to acp.
  7. Download: Fusion Menu

    Hey i installed your plugin on my forum, but when i enable: Enable Primary Navigation Management then my whole forum goes blank. Do you know how to fix it? Maybe its my hosting or the skin but i have no idea what causes it.
  8. Download: IPContent Pages Primary Navigation Management

    I pm'd you. I agree with you on the title lol, i still need to find a alternative better looking homepage tho.
  9. Download: IPContent Pages Primary Navigation Management

    Not at all, If you want i can give you acces to the acp so you can investigate it.
  10. Download: IPContent Pages Primary Navigation Management

    I cant seem to add anything anymore, Even if i make new pages. I now set the ordering to by pagename and renamed my pages to 1pagename 2pagename 3pagename etc. The old pages are showing but i cant let it show a new page. hmm very strange. What setting do i need to change? or do i need to recage something? www.greenlabeltactical.com
  11. Download: IPContent Pages Primary Navigation Management

    Hey, This helped me out extremely much, But i have 1 problem. I had all the pages set up correctly, and sorted it by page ID. Now i created a other page but the page had to be left to the last page (like -menu-menu-menu-NEWPAGE-menu) In order to do that i deleted the last page, made the new page and remade the old page. But i now have a problem: the remade page wont show up. I have no idea why it doesnt show up. Its a page with permissions, but that wasnt a problem when i first added the page. I hope you have a idea what this is and i hope you can understand my complicated(?) writing. Thank you
  12. Nacht Skin

    Thanks for that, I think i fixed the problem by changing the bottom padding to higher pixels.
  13. Nacht Skin

    Okey i have the image now as repeating instead of 1 big png because i thought that would have a faster reloading time, But i have 1 more question. The background is on repeat but i see the background without the image again, How do i set it like its like our old site : http://greenlabel.actieforum.com/forum When you zoom out on that site, it just keeps showing the background because its on repeat.
  14. Portal

    Hey, I dont know whats wrong but i installed portal, if i now go to it it shows as a blank page. Not even a error :S. www.greenlabeltactical.com
  15. Nacht Skin

    Its still there =S EDIT: I see that its now only in firefox, its gone in IE. EDIT2: Thanks its fixed now.