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  1. Members following Forums v 4.x

    It is a thought, but the nature of our forum is that we do get new members picking up on posts from years ago, and that can result in some excellent outcomes - re-uniting relatives of WW1 service personnel, or even in one case leading to bringing together relatives of a soldier of the Great War whose body was only recovered and identified three years ago. We could maybe benefit from a tool that would review email addresses to check that they were genuine, but we would have 60,000 to test. Quite simply limiting follows to individual topics would resolve the present issue, and would prevent it occuring again. Keith
  2. Prune/mass move topics

    This feature would be really helpful for our forum. Most of our sub forums were never pruned as members treat most of the posts as a resource to help with their interests but we do ahve a couple of areas where off topic content is permitted, and a simple pruning tool really would be a boon.
  3. This has becomie a headache for us. In versions 3.x we could turn this off. That is not an option now, and that is a real problem. When we had 12 years ago a couple of hundred registered users, of whom maybe 25% were actually active, that was fine, now we ahve 60,000 plus registered, with obviously much churn and a couple of hundred regularly active while others only drop in occasionally or to seek advice and information on a single topic and drop out once their query has been addressed.. We have approaching 2 million posts in a military history forum and because of our subject many of our members are older than the average internet user. Our most active sub forum now has over 400 followers. It frequently has between 10 and 20 new topics daily each of which can generate aa notification. Turning off emails is not a long term solution as posts from years back can frequentlly be found by a new member who wants to contact the original possibly now inactive poster. When email addresses are still valid the contact has brought distant relatives together, and also resulted for example in gallantry medals being returned to family members who had been seeking them for years. Lapsed members never clear their settings - some are no doubt deceased, so our email is getting large numbers of bounced messages from failed notifications mostly because inactive members have changed ISP or just email service. . We pretty much resolved this in version 3.x by turning off the option to follow entire forums, and amending/contacting members depending on the level of their activity regarding obsolete email addresses.. We really need a setting that will enable us to limit following to individual topics or users if we are to manage the forum properly. Keith
  4. This is a bugbear for us as well. Even simpler could be to require the email to be entered twice, with Paste blocked on the scond field, and a reqwuirement that the fields match. Keith
  5. Feature Request: E-mail Validation

    Hi mark I think we both mean validation before an email is sent out - by requiring the new member to enter an email address twice, and to make it match. It's when we send an email to confirm or check that these go wrong. I have just had a reply from support confirming that it is not currently included. Keith The email confirmation field used to be a feature in previous versions but was removed in IP.Board 3.2 unfortunately. I'm not sure where you posted your topic but this - http://community.inv...-modifications/ - is the best forum as our 3rd-party developers regularly visit that forum. If you didn't post it there, please send me the link to it and I will be happy to move it for you. Many thanks, Alan. -- Alan Wagstaff Invision Power Services, Inc
  6. Feature Request: E-mail Validation

    Absolutely - this would save many problems. I have also raised it as a suggestion - using perhaps not the right technical terms, but it would solve a lot of problems.
  7. We are finding a steady ftrickle of newly registeringt members who make typing errors when completing the joining page. Some of them never make it as our auto reply regarding the next stage never reaches them and bounces back. Please could you introduce a second field, requiring the email to be repeated, and with an automatic error pop up if they don't. This would surely be helpful for many users. Regards Keith Roberts http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/