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  1. Well this is from Alexa about your site. Kinda says it all in regards to your argument against the original argument.
  2. Hmmm.. finally something that works exactly the way I wanted.
  3. No there is no change at all. Maybe the magic potion will start working after a few more months. I have posted a similar thread here which I cannot access anymore, so maybe you can -> http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/361511-anyone-moved-their-forum-from-vb-and-then-moved-out/unread/ I wonder how long before your thread also gets moved there so its better that I get my inputs in before I cannot see this thread as well.
  4. A few points from my side [*]Predefined tags do not show up in the list. The list is blank. [*]Can only the thread starter and staff add the tags or anyone can add the tags? If it is latter then this might not work in a practical setup. [*]What if I want to allow moderators as well to be able to add/edit tags. Currently it is not possible.
  5. SubStrider

    Nacht Skin

    I quite like the Nacht skin however I feel that the borders should also change color along with the color changer. Otherwise on a dark skin the white borders look really out of place. Secondly none of the links have a hover property set. This is against the laws of usability. With these two issues resolved I would be inclined to buy this skin.
  6. The mass add tag didnt even complete. Instead it has thrown the following error. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ccc/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/advancedtagsprefixes/modules_admin/tools/tools.php on line 329
  7. This app is seriously broken. [*]I have added a tag to only one forum and it shows forum count as 2. [*]It is adding prefixes which I have not even defined as prefixes. Instead it is adding tags as prefixes. [*]I ran the mass add pefixes option to rectify the above problem and now none of the threads have the prefix I wanted. Instead all of them have the tags as prefixes. The prefixes are gone from even those threads which had the correct prefix.
  8. Any tentative release date for this. I was hoping to announce the April MOTM by the first week of May on this new app.
  9. The web is moving towards simplicity is how I see it. Maybe someone can make mod which shows a button in the header like the xenforo login button. Clicking on that will bring down an ajax based thread posting form. You can enter the title, select the forum, add tags maybe and enter the thread body before submitting. People will ask whats the point as the that can be achieved by visiting the forum and clicking the start new thread button. Well usability is all about achieving more with less scrolling and clicking.
  10. Is there a working demo for this? Saw Chetan's website
  11. This is really disappointing. Guess will have to tell the members not to wait for the glaring white editor in the dark skin to be rectified soon if ever.
  12. Ryan, seems you havent read the PM yet. Please take a look. :)
  13. I have selected multiple tags for one forum which members can select. Now the prefixes do not show up as prefixes. Instead the tags show up as prefixes.
  14. SubStrider


    Well I wrote that fresh from the frustration of trying to register. :) Thanks for answering my questions on the PM. I have one more, I can't see the View New Content button on the skin screenshots. Where is that placed?
  15. SubStrider


    BTW the question answer challenge at your support forum is pathetic. I tried creating an account at least ten times, that is eight times beyond my patience threshold. But it always tell me that my maths is wrong. Maybe it was designed to keep prospective clients away.
  16. SubStrider


    This is indeed a refreshing skin. Love the simplistic look. It is a bit hard on the eyes though because the contrast between the text and the background is not sufficient. Anyway I am sure I can tweak it to my liking. Almost certain that I will buy it by this weekend. I have two important queries which I think would be appropriate if I ask on PM.
  17. 1. Yes when I tried to change the numbers of groups which can see and apply, it wont change on saving. 2. ACP mass add tool. Yes all groups on my forum have access to add prefix. Besides should it matter when I am doing it from ACP. Even when creating a new thread, the prefix gets added but as a tag. That forum had it disabled. Enabled it.
  18. I setup a multimod option which had three actions, close thread, attach a prefix and add a post. However only the last two are happening, the thread is not getting closed.
  19. Ryan I am facing a few issues with this. 1. I tried to edit the number of groups which have access to a prefix but even after saving it does not change. 2. Also I tried to mass assign the prefix to all the threads. They don't show up as prefix but as tags.
  20. A feature request. Can this be made available in the sidebar. We only want to show the top monthly poster and that too in the sidebar. Keeping at the bottom occupies unnecessary space.
  21. I like that thought but I wouldn't say this would be critical for survival. However the platform which can provide the richest app experience for both publisher and consumer will surely come out on top. This is a good take away from this thread for me. Lets see how well we can implement it. :)
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