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  1. Robert, I worked with you a few years ago on investors Forum.  I need your help again my man.  I am shutting down IF and up loading Murder On Music Row.  I need to down load the skin and upload to MOMR.  Let's talk money and time.  You know I pay well and immediately! 

    Thank You

    Timothy Smith

    Associate Producer

    Murder On Music Row ©

  2. AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board

    I do not understand what you mean by "A media server or media server hosting Red5". Does IPB not support this? Any help is appreciated. As I am at this point of installation. Thanks Timothy Smith
  3. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Hello, I have uploaded the sidebar block. It shows on my sidebar. What I want to do is upload a live stream to Bloomberg TV. Here is the link: http://freetubetv.net/index.php?view=2Ymxvb211aw How do I get this to play in the side bar? Thanks Timothy Smith
  4. Suggestion: Auto-Refresh after a posted topic or post

    I agree!!!! It is needed for my forum, badly!!!
  5. Юрий, Если бы я типа на английском языке, не другие члены видят в России или мне придется вводить на русском языке? Спасибо Тимоти Смит
  6. Download: auto refresh online page

    Installed and it never has worked
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    I have installed shoutbox correctly. I click on the tab and it shows the board, I type in test and none of the links work i.e. Shout, Clear, Refresh, My Prefs. Any ideas as why this is not functioning? Thanks Timothy Smith Investors Forum
  8. Download: Shoutbox

    Michael, This looks to be a pretty awesome app. I am a newbie here. So I don't much know what I am doing and need a little step by step help. I have downloaded this but how exactly do I get it into my board to work? I really need a hand here step by step. Thanks Timothy Smith Investors Forum