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  1. Giray

    [HQ] Awards

    Thank you but then my problem is not solved. That's the version I downloaded and installed and that's the version that is giving me problems :cry: To repeat, the only thing I can get to work (yes, both on custom and on ip default skin) is the User Awards They appear fine on both the profile and the post. Unfortunately, Badges, Achievements, Naked, etc... appear in the profile but not on the post.
  2. Giray

    [HQ] Awards

    Hi. I have paid and that is where I downloaded from. But I downloaded the 3.0.26 version, is that the one I was supposed to download or should I have downloaded the Awards_v3.0.21(375)_Paid.zip? Thanks
  3. Giray

    [HQ] Awards

    Thanks. So, I think I know what happened. I did pay but I downloaded the 'latest' version which was not the one that said 'Paid'. I could not understand what the difference was. So I'm guessing we have to download the 'Paid' version though it was not the 'latest'. So I download Awards_v3.0.21(375)_Paid.zip??
  4. Giray

    [HQ] Awards

    Bumpety bump. Am I the only one with the issue on 3.4.4 or do others have the same issue? Or, am I missing something? Anyone? Thanks.
  5. Giray

    [HQ] Awards

    Hate to ask for help :ph34r: Installed and tried a dozen ways: the only thing I can get to work (yes, both on custom and on ip skin) is the User Awards. Badges, Achievements, Naked, etc... appear in the profile but not on the post (the User Awards do). 3.4.4 compatibility problem? Config? I'm useless? Ideas? Thanks
  6. Hi. YES, this one. I've nested one more level and it would really help to see it. If I can't, I'll just bump them all up a notch but it just made it more logical.
  7. Hi. In ip.Content, in the categories block, I can only see two levels (top plus one nested) whereas I have three. Is there any way to show the third level (one plus two nested)? I'm guessing template but I can't find where. Thanks
  8. Giray

    Member Map

    Hi. Okay, can't figure out the Google API problem either. Google says that the V2 is deprecated. I've tried three different ways of creating the API and I get the usual message: Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application. The provided key is not a valid Google API Key, or it is not authorized for the Google Maps Javascript API v2 on this site. If you are the owner of this application, you can learn about obtaining a valid key here: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/v2/introduction.html#Obtaining_Key What am I doing wrong? Ideas? Thanks all. **EDIT** Hold off... might be working?? Will revert.
  9. I only have one fear with major upgrades... what happens to third party apps. It's fine for small tweaks but when your community is built on major apps if they become deprecated or incompatible, ouch. I'm looking at two right now, one for classifieds and the other for social groups and I'm getting nervous about diving in. I'm not asking for info, I know the drill, but I just wanted to voice my concerns in the hope that sooner, rather than later, we will know enough — I should say 3rd party developers will know enough — to let us know if their app will fly or die based on the new architecture. Of course, any development is good so I'm looking forward to 4.0 whenever it decides to sprout ;) **edit** A features list is what I'm hoping to see soon :rofl:
  10. I've just moved over from VB4 to IPB. Had one issue and I got a response, via support, in less than ten minutes, on a Saturday! At this point, I think that vBulletin has 'more' under the hood, but that 'more' is slightly bloated. I would rather have a more robust and stable environment than one with too many features. Time will, of course, tell if I made the right choice, but one thing is certain, I would not make my buying decision primarily based on service response times via the forum, I would make it based on the quality of the product first, and official support second.
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