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  1. Fixed. As always, Adriano rocks. Thanks!
  2. Hi Adriano. Not sure if this is Invite-related? Getting this error every minute. When I disabled Invite it stopped. Thoughts? Thanks!!
  3. Hi Adriano. Upgraded to 1.6. Weird thing happened while upgrading, it stalled at email templates as per the screenshot. However, after a few minutes, when I refreshed, it went away and was installed. Not sure if that's my browser's fault. Flagging it just in case. Thanks.
  4. Was wondering if sub-forums (or categories) was still on your roadmap? As you know there are several of us who would really love this. Thanks.
  5. Cute... So so cute 🥸
  6. Just wondering why the label for Clubs still says 'New' on the homepage. It's been a while... no?
  7. The only thing I would add is that Adriano's report is in clubs. The same happens in the profile. Thanks!!
  8. Hi all. Since 4.6, I have a weird issue in my profile pages. When you access a profile, while you are logged in or not, and have tried it on various browsers, and I have confirmation from one other board that they have the same problem... the sidebar on the left does not appear. Hit refresh and it appears, every time. Note that we've tried with all apps disabled and on an unaltered dev board. Anyone else? Thoughts where to look? Bug? Thx.
  9. And on the eighth day, God created Adriano.
  10. Hi Adriano, Before figuring out that the TFA problem was on Invision's side, I made the stupid mistake of trying to debug and uninstalled your TFA masking plugin. The problem is that now when I go to install it again, IPS asks for version and when I say 4.6 it won't let me 😞 Not sure if you have to simply add something on the ips side? Definitely not urgent!!
  11. Found the patch update. Suggestion: even if it's optional, maybe put the update notice in yellow (orange?) like the other warnings?
  12. I've had to disable it now. It's permanently blocking me.
  13. Hi. Anyone having trouble with two factor authentication? I'm on 4.6.4 and when the authentication window comes up (on the admin side) when I type in the response, it won't let me through. I had to authenticate via email. It has done this consistently since yesterday. Thoughts anyone? Thx!!
  14. No one before I open a ticket?
  15. Also interested in knowing.
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