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  1. Couple of questions before switching?

    Ok guys, So here's the thing, I have joined my friends site and i wanted to import my stuff onto my friends site, So we are using IPS Converter, Hto convert Vbulletin Downloads II to my IP Downloads, but when it asks for more information like these below, The path to your IP.Board root folder (no trailing slash - can usually be copied and pasted from the box at the bottom of this table): The path to where your source downloads are stored (no trailing slash): The path to where your source download screenshots are stored (no trailing slash): after i have input the stuff i needed to and click continue i get this error: System Error Your remote storage path is not readable. So can someone help me out please as i don't have a clue what this means Cheers Guys
  2. Couple of questions before switching?

    Do you have like a full manual i can look at to study it to see if its the right software for me?
  3. Hello I've basically had enough of vbulletin now and after reading some of the mods available now for ipb it looks like ill be making the jump but if possible could you answer me some questions first please. On my current vbulletin forum i have the downloadsII mod on there with loads of downloads in my downloads section, Will i be able to import all my downloads to ipb please?? What exactly gets brought over from my vbulletin board when i import/convert the stuff from my vbulletin board to IPB?? Thanks guys look forward to hearing from ya.