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  1. I trialled another (free) forum software (phpbb) for a year alongside Invision Community software in 2011, and looked at many others. I decided to go with the self-hosted, paid version of Invision Community. We now have over 2,000 members, but that's not the impressive aspect. Invision Community allowed us to build one of the largest (and perhaps the largest) repository of free information on stretching, flexibility, and mobility available anywhere on the net, and we built a thriving community organically in the process. Sincere thanks. Kit Laughlin https://kitlaughlin.com/forums
  2. I second this request, and add one more related request: I and my users want to select our personal default font, and to not have to select it each time we post.
  3. Late to the conversation, but I much prefer the way the older Announcements worked: Title and text box. I did try the link to a URL, but this opened the dropbox file in a second window, and there was no obvious way to go back to the Announcement, apart from closing the window. And I much prefer that such links not tae users away from the site. Can the old text box approach be added as an option to the new functions?
  4. I asked Support: Is it possible to export a thread before deleting it? and the reply: Hello, There is no way in which to export a topic in any way at the present time. There should be; this is my feature request. The whole Community software system is a database; from my perspective, to be able to export a thread belongs to the Moderator tool set. Please consider.
  5. @opentype: what could be wrong with my install, do you think? No plugins; plain vanilla; I always upgrade when notified. And this is why I lodged a support ticket, with the result noted in the first post above. And I uploaded a screenshot that showed this, including the 48 years taken to do the task. No progress bar in my install—what do you suggest to fix this?
  6. @Cyboman: the problems I had with bulk mailer are listed in my post. I did put in a support request, but all I got back was that "no one else has had a problem with it". As a newish site admin, I posted here for both feedback about my experience with it, and what I would like to see implemented as improvements in the future. The main problems are as described above. @opentype: ditto. The main problem is that clicking Proceed gives the user zero feedback (you don't know if it failed, was not configured properly, or that the process is underway). A simple progress bar is all that's needed. Because no feedback, I assumed that I had made a mistake, and clicked Proceed more times; hence the problems I encountered.
  7. In the current version, 4.2.7, there is a feature "Bulk mail" (under Members, ACP). Admins need a User's Guide, I feel. Neither the "Sent To" nor the "Time Taken" fields report properly. Here are yesterday's figures: I have 1,750+ members, and all the mail was sent out yesterday. As well, I did not know to ask about my host's email constraints; as a result, 3,000+ bounce-backs from my host's server, and many members received the same email 2–5 times. One more problem in use: there is zero feedback from the system that "Proceed" has had any effect. I "re-proceeded" a number of times, thinking that I must have made an error. This probably explains the 5,491 members, in part, but not why some members only received one email, and some five. Can this feature be looked at some time, please?
  8. A comment: I am happy to receive any info. on the better running of my forums; if I do not want read, I delete. I would rather too much than too little. I hand-approve all new members; usually within 24 hours, and we (so far) have been spam-free. We have moderators, but have a light touch approach: we do no pre-screening of content, but because we are still fairly small ((2,000+ members) scanning the new content for that day is all we have needed, so far. Because we have a thoughtful "guide to how to use the forums" which stresses the need for posts to be like a conversation with a friend, we have not needed to step on any flame wars, and have only needed to remove one post (content) so far.
  9. We need to be able to reorder a pinned list: as this list grows, and a community matures and changes, new priorities emerge. Being able to reorder a (for example) list of "please read these posts before you post" would be very helpful. Please consider adding this feature; ideally it would work like the present feature (available from the ACP) where the order of threads can simple be dragged to change. I would like that same utility inside a thread.
  10. I am having a related problem: when I upgraded a week or so ago to v. 4, "Announcements" was a selection in my mod. CP. Now it is not. I have tried to move an Announcement block into the Forum area via Admin CP, but despite doing this, and pressing "Finish Editing", Announcements do not appear in the mod. CP as a selection. Like Brad above, the same results are shown on clicking the Edit button. Probably it's my error, but can someone step me though how to add Announcements to the mod. CP, please?
  11. What does one do with the download? My system tried to open it with VLC player... TIA, kl
  12. That's interesting, because only this morning I lost about 15' work—but maybe I did not wait long enough (or did not refresh, something I would not have done in IPB 3) but the post did disappear. Not sure what happened, or I might have been too impatient. I did just do what you suggested (via Chrome) and 'lo and behold': after refresh, I'm still here (spooky, a little bit). Thanks for that; very reassuring.
  13. Both excellent suggestions, and in the short term, have implemented Gabriel's. Will be doing Taman's next week when I get home. Sincere thanks.
  14. Our forums feature long, sometimes complex, posts that can take an hour or more to write. In IPS 3's versions of the community suite software, there was an automatic Save function that many members of my board relied on; if there was a lost connection, for example, or the software froze, reloading and going to the post, and selecting More Reply Options offered to restore the last saved version of whatever one was posting. Has that feature been deleted in v.4? As the board admin, if this feature still exists, how can I activate it? TIA.
  15. We just upgraded the board software to v. 4. One of our mods accidentally deleted a thread (we still are not sure what happened; perhaps the javascript that asks for delete confirmation did not get called—in any case, she swears that there was no warning of the deletion). And she was only reading content via an iPad (she does not type on this device). To log in, she had to request a new PW as this was the first time she had logged in since the upgrade. In trying to access the thread, she deleted it. So I asked tech. support here if there is any way to restore a mod-deleted thread, and the answer was no. We did recover it, though, and I thought I'd describe what we did, in case this might be useful to someone else. I asked our hosting service to advise the times of our six-hourly backups (and most hosts do this automatically) and we found one that was made about an hour before the thread got deleted. We asked our hosts to make a copy of this version of the database and load to a hidden part of the site. We then used the mysqlAdmin function of cpanel to look inside. I searched the entire database with two key words and the database's wild-card symbol in front and behind the key words, as the mod could not remember the post title. We ordered the resulting list (newest to oldest) to put the deleted one near the top and found it in a few moments; selecting the entry and clicking "Edit" revealed all the fields' contents, including all the deleted posts. I sent the relevant posts to the authors and asked them to re-post, after the OP re-posts his. A bit laborious, but got the job done.
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