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  1. Tournaments

    M, please take 2 hours and have a look at gamebattles as an example, to see how the processes, layout etc work on that site, im sure once you spend a bit of time looking around, you will get a good idea on what needs to happen, a smart guy like yourself will pick it up really quickly regarding what can be improved on your mod / plugin to create a similar outcome. If you were to provide an update, that had an outcome like gamebattles, you will find yourself with customers lining up to buy the product.
  2. Tournaments

    looking forward to it mate.
  3. Tournaments

    just wondering mate, if you are able to setup a separate forum on your site at all to help with the development, bug issues etc, it might make it easier for yourself and everyone to keep track of what is going on etc?
  4. Tournaments

    This one has potential though I thought it could be really great with a few simple changes. Delete features are just so important though. Things are always changing in gaming. I don't think there are any other options that are so integrated into IPBoard
  5. Tournaments

    Oh and one more thing. Not being able to undo or delete or re-enter scores after they have been entered in case they are incorrect.
  6. Tournaments

    Hi, We have just started using this on our site http://esgn.com.au/community/index.php?/tournaments/teams/all/page__st__40 and are really excited about how great it could be but are having some issues after our first live double elimination on the weekend that we would like to chat about. A few things we noticed that are causing us issues are as follows; *Unable to delete teams once they have been created *Unable to delete/remove a team from a tournament once they have been added *Unable to delete/ remove teams once tournament has started that are no shows or drop outs We have plenty more information for you if you are interested in taking this project further, because as an Australian eSports company that is rapidly growing an awesome bracket system is just what we are looking to support and recommend to our users that like to also run there own clan ladders etc for practice. These however were the main issues that made it extremely difficult for us to use. Is there any chance of some updates to include these changes at all? Thank you. Jessie Rozema for ESGN (eSports & Gaming Network)
  7. Tournaments

    maybe put down your ideas in a bit more detail, talk to the group here and we can make a group decision to chip in a bit extra or something?
  8. Tournaments

    yeah is it possible to delete them regardless at all? i ask this because of the following case: team signs up to tournament plays 1 match team becomes stagnate 2 players in the team want to leave because the leader is inactive and join another team **Or is there a *Leave team function at all that they could be using?
  9. Tournaments

    thanks for that reply mate. *With the notifications, once turned on they appear as a red 1 or something in the headers? same as when you get an added friend or PM? I think there needs to be some form of match management, so admin can manually award wins if needed or establish and setup the matches or something. Just so that if there is any problems at all, for example scores were entered incorrectly, an admin could go in and adjust them in the back end.
  10. Tournaments

    I just have a couple of questions. 1. Challenge management from the admin area. is it possible to include this at all? as we have teams that are making challenges that sit stagnant. It would be good for the Admin to either cancel, update or award wins etc for challenges as well. 2. more in depth ladder management - possible to include score editing within the admincp? for example on a ladder that is manually adjusted by admin, which is great, there is no where to place in the scores etc as well, or edit the wins / losses. 3. notifications - is there somewhere to turn on notifications for the ladder etc? teams are challenging but no one is being notified.
  11. Tournaments

    Pleased remember guys, There hasn't been enough time to put together an in detail manual for it just yet, as the main concern was releasing it all to the community. Ill see if mmmodding can setup a forum on his site regarding the app, so we can have requests for new features, bug reports etc, all nicely outlined for everyone.
  12. iStream

    Hey mate, im also keen on getting this for 3.2.3 any update at all when you will be able to get some time to make it all work for it, as i too would like to buy it.