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  1. hello you have a message

  2. Can't delete older versions

    nvm, 'hide from members' seems to do the trick
  3. Trying to delete older versions of my files at this menu: Download Restore Delete Hide from members But I'm getting this error: The invisionpower.com page isn’t working invisionpower.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  4. new account, IPB 3 to 4

    Hi, I had an IPB 3 license for a website which I deactivated in 2014. I'm now planning to reopen the community on IPB 4 on a new website under a new account, which I was informed was permitted. I am wondering what's the best way to go about doing this. If I buy a new license from scratch under the new account, it will be at full-price. If, on the other hand, I transfer the existing license (i.e. last used in 2014 on IPB 3) to the new account, will I be able to upgrade from IPB 3 to 4 at a discount or will it still be at full-price? Thanks for any info.
  5. Manage Board Statistics

    Hi, I don't currently have plans to update this. If someone else wants to create one feel free.
  6. Dark Set

    Ensure the hook is installed and enabled.
  7. 4Real

    Hi kaare_t, Go to ACP > System Settings > Skins > 4Real and add the following to Extra CSS: #branding { min-height: 50px !important; } html { background: #FFFFFF url(INSERT IMAGE URL) repeat; background: url(INSERT IMAGE URL) repeat, #FFFFFF !important; } Replace INSERT IMAGE URL with the desired background image, and modify 50px to change the height of the space if desired. Then save the settings. Thanks, Con
  8. Dark Set

    That normally happens if the hook file hasn't been installed and enabled (see the README file, which contains the installation instructions). If you've done that, please feel free to provide further details and/or a temporary admin cp account so that I can investigate further.
  9. Hex

    Add this to the skin settings extra css and replace IMAGE with the image url: html { background: url(IMAGE) !important; }
  10. Copyright Removal: i.Skins View File This removes the publicly displayed copyright line from i.Skins (Invision skins by me). A single copyright removal license entitles you to removal of the publicly displayed copyright line from any number of official i.Skins that you already own or will own, on one (1) IPS Community installation (i.e. corresponding with one (1) IPS license). Submitter Con Submitted 09/26/2013 Category Other style options Supported Versions  
  11. If Use .htaccess mod_rewrite is on and the default app is NOT forums, 404 redirection may not work. Example. If the default app is forums, nonexistent pages throw 404 errors. The same should apply to other apps.
  12. Updates to nearly 50 files by several authors in the past day.... What the fudge?

    1. Aiwa


      MP re-categorization. You'll notice new categories.

  13. Dark Set

    Hi there, Add this to 'Extra CSS' in the skin system settings: #board_statistics { background: transparent !important; } You can also replace 'transparent' with another color.
  14. Invision Going Downhill

    Yeah dude, it's awesome. I like how there's a mobile version so I can use it over the urinal.
  15. Matrix

    The package has been updated with the new system settings. The new file can simply be uploaded to update the old settings; no need to delete the old system settings first.