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  1. IP.Calendar needs some work

    I've just discovered that calendar doesn't do daily events. Bummer! If somebody comes up with a hook to add a daily setting to the calendar, please make it compatible with 3.1.4, as well as the later versions.
  2. Ip.seo is a fantastic add-on with a bewildering array of settings. The trouble is I don't know what many of those settings should be. Is there a guide to configuring ip.seo? I want to get the most out of its comprehensive features.
  3. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Thanks for your reply. If it doesn't add topic tags to 3.1.4, there is no reason for me to buy it, as that was all I wanted it for.
  4. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I'd like to see how well this add-on works on a 3.1.4 forum. Can somebody please post a link to a forum that's using this add-on. Many thanks!
  5. I think the best place for it would be on the right-hand side of the main title bar. The topic title should be on the left side. All of that stuff above the main title bar pushes the first post too far down the page. There's no need to have an avatar there. There's already avatars on the main page and in forum view. The current iteration is crawling with avatars. Do we really need to see 3 versions of the same avatar before we get to the avatar in the post?
  6. An admin's guide to skinning IPB

    It's a great guide, no doubt about it. What I'd also like to see is a guide that shows you how to do thinks like move that pesky search box from the header and adjust the header width so that it lines up with the main part of the board. I don't think there's any guide that shows you how to do these things, which is a shame.