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  1. Great hook! I have hopefully a quick question. On an iPad, the fourth content box drops to the second line. I updated the images sizes (both spots) in the XML, but I guess I'm missing a container somewhere because I still have the issue. How can I make the image sizes smaller to be sure it all fits on one line? * Update - Didn't see that others asked the same question prior to me, but still would love a solution!! :smile:
  2. Nexus Support functionality

    After searching more, I found the settings in regards to setting up departments, etc. and I finally found how to access the actual support feature from the member side. My question would then be how can I deactivate all the other features, such as "Alternate Contacts", "Referrals", etc. that show in the left navigation. I am looking to only use the support feature for now, and will not be taking payment, or placing any kind of orders at this time. Thanks for your help!
  3. Nexus Support functionality

    Is there documentation on setting up the Support Ticket system anywhere? I have looked through the forums, and found the settings, but am not sure how to activate, or where to find it from the Member side.
  4. Nothing much, just testing the features!