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  1. Classifieds

    Can we get a Portal Block for a Random Classified like the block you have while in classifieds?
  2. Contributor Badge?

    Wow... think something like this would be cool for my website. If I could fit it into my BHDB somehow...
  3. Validation Email

    Yeah if they dont validate I eventually delete them!
  4. Validation Email

    Main reason is I get people who register and for some reason don't validate emails right away. So I get email about registration and check.. then have to keep following up and I don't get tons of registrations, just wich IPB would give you option to send another email when the people actually validate the email. Thats more important than when they register to me, because I have a manual approval process.
  5. Validation Email

    Anyway to have IPB email me when someone validates their email? I would prefer an email when they actually validate there email and not when they register?
  6. Classifieds

    Not sure with this, I dont see how you can list items in here from the users point of view.
  7. Portal

    It worked and looks fine now. Thanks!
  8. Classifieds

    Andy, I have IP.Nexus installed, I see the screen but curious what are valid entries to get this setup. Example: Price = Cost <24.99 = 0.00 25.00 - 99.99 = 1.00 100.00 - 199.99 = 2.00 >200.00 =5.00
  9. Portal

    I had to revert out the CSS changes above. The changes messed up my views for IpNexus and Classifieds. Do we have the ability like in the old IPB version to edit the template and set left and right to 25% and center to 50%?
  10. Classifieds

    Just purchased and installed. How do you set the values for a package based on item value. I would like no fee for 0 to 24.99 and 25.00 - 99.99 to be $1 and 100.00 - 200.00 to be $2 as a sample.
  11. Portal

    On the old portal I just set left 25%, middle 50% and right 25% in the portal skeleton template. BTW, the middle will fill in when items in database reach current dates.
  12. Portal

    I made the changes, looks much better. Slight light blue on right of logo.
  13. Portal

    I just upgraded from an erarlier version of IPB 3 to the newest and installed the portal. Seems I got everything working except the blocks on the left. Any help would be appreciated. <if test="disablelightbox:|:!$this->settings['disable_lightbox']"> {parse template="include_lightbox" group="global" params=""} </if> <div class='ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright clearfix'> <div class='ipsLayout_left'> <!--::portal_sitenav::--> <!--::online_users_show::--> <!--::missing_get_image::--> </div> <div class='ipsLayout_content clearfix'> <!--::upcoming_get_events::--> </div> <div class='ipsLayout_right'> <!--::latest_topics_sidebar::--> <!--::google::--> <!--::ebay::--> </div> </div> {parse template="include_highlighter" group="global" params="1"} http://www.bobblebums.com
  14. I would hate to see the portal go, if they get rid of the portal IPS should convert your portal blocks for free!
  15. IP.SEO Update

    Anyway to get items here added to IPSEO? http://www.bobblebums.com/bobbleheads/bobbles Do I need a special plugin or something I can do in IPBSEO?