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  1. New: Richer Embeds

    All super. Disappointed only by the fact that it is impossible to make reference to the category of the gallery as well as on the albums. I really hope that this trouble will be fixed in the next update.
  2. Suggestion: topic moderator

  3. Sorry. Maybe I misspoke. For my tasks it would be possible to use the template "3 columns" but I need one horizontal row of the display, for example, 6 articles. It can be implemented?
  4. Pages SuperGrid support

    Really want the new versions to see the widget with a horizontal display of articles and the category page template.
  5. I am talking about widgets and not about the page templates. You along with the templates included are two widgets: a vertical list and a big block and on the right a vertical list of articles. I use both wizdata. But I really miss the third, which displays the blocks with the articles horizontally. On any page of the website.
  6. Style from standard 4.1. I need to get to the main page horizontal column articles: Included with your pattern is a vertical widget, and I really need a horizontal.
  7. I'd love the new versions to see the widget with a horizontal display of articles and the category page template.
  8. Hello, TAMAN. Thanks for the template. Looks good. I have only one problem - in the categories of the template remains the same. How to make categories and articles are displayed as in the main blocks with pictures?
  9. (DDK33) Quote Selected Text

    Hook wonderful, thank you. Just do not understand why we need the "@" symbol in front of the user name? And how can I remove it? Found the solution to my question.
  10. Smooth Scroller

    Thank you very much! Works.
  11. Smooth Scroller

    I checked through IETester. Error scenarios appears in all IE versions other than IE 10.
  12. Smooth Scroller

    Hello. Thank you for a great mod, but in IE 9 and he still does not work. Checked on her and on your demo site. And even in IE 9 when the ignition is turned fashion ceases to work the scrolling by pressing mouse3.
  13. Download: Metro by Atticus

    problem solved
  14. Download: Metro by Atticus

    Hello, Atticus Web Design. The style of a wonderful, adjusted under the design but can not solve a problem. I would be grateful if you tell how to disable hide menu items that do not fit in the line?