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  1. New: Calendar Venues

    Thanks I had a problem with my admin account. Appreciate the help. I see it now.
  2. New: Calendar Venues

    I cannot find the venues functionality, how do I add a venue?
  3. The plugin creator, TheJackal84, fixed this issue - and it wasn't a problem with his work. I've not had such a positive experience with help on a plugin before. Moments after the support request was posted he jumped on it and solved the problem. it can't always be that way, but to have him respond so quickly and kindly makes me a repeat customer! Highly recommended plugin and developer!
  4. It doesn't happen without plugin...I did clear cache, sending you the URL to the page...thank you
  5. Just bought and installed and everything looks great, but I have one member (so far) that is rendering incorrectly. Instead of the info panel data it is displaying the post info....but others are not: Normal: Problem Any idea what is causing this? Thank you.
  6. Kevin,

    I tried to uninstall Rules Lite and it resulted in all my posts being unreadable with this error:


    Can you tell me how to uninstall Rules Lite, without creating this that errors out all board posts?

    I have re-installed and everything is back to normal.  How can I uninstall without the errors?

    Thank you.

    1. Kevin Carwile

      Kevin Carwile

      Clear your caches as well. Sounds like after the uninstall, some theme hooks that rules provides have been left in your cached templates.

    2. BradTBP


      Thanks, that did it.  I wanted to uninstall to see if it effected by performance.  I plan to re-install and use again.  Thanks!

  7. Quizzes

    On quiz, what happens if I use option to "export quiz"? It says "Are you Sure"? So I was worried something else other than an export of data happens. Does exporting do anything else? Thanks.
  8. Enhanced Joined Date

    Doesn't show anything for me on 4.2
  9. Raffles System

    Hello, my prize image is not showing up on the giveaway: From the prize page: As far as I can tell the path to the uploaded image is (makes no sense): http://www.thebullspen.com/bradimages/wallpapers/downloads/monthly_2017_07/usfbottleopener.jpg.c36e59e70e893f9b503ca0228e7741d0.jpg Now, when I try to upload new image I receive: Here is the page: http://www.thebullspen.com/raffles/ What is wrong? Thank you.
  10. Auto Welcome

    I really like the app, but I cannot figure out how to get it to welcome the folks that join through the integration with Facebook/Twitter/Google/etc. Looking at the support topic, it looks like Mike John is aware. This is a real good app. Love it. Once that functionality is added it will be back to one of the best!
  11. Auto Welcome Support

    Mike John, I just came her to check into the functionality when new members come in through Twitter/Facebook integrations, and I see you are already on it. Thanks for Auto Welcome, it's been a great add to my board.
  12. (itzknotty) Facebook widgets

    No message
  13. (itzknotty) Facebook widgets

    I have installed the first verison of the app and can get twitter to work with your directions. Thank you. However, I am stuck at this with the facebook functionality, I cannot get it to render the posts. What did you do? Thanks, Brad Located Page ID and it is working now!! Thanks.
  14. Member Map

    Everything seems fine for me....thanks again. Do you have a place for donations?