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  1. Download: Orange Octane

    Hey, i just bought the skin but it gives me an error when i want to see it. A friend of my has a website and your skin (we bouth have ipb 3.3.2) and normally every skin works with us, your skin works on his website but i got an error, please mmb. Just spend 16$ and now its not working :(
  2. Download: Kamura

    oo never mind i got it, thanks alot for the help! :D
  3. Download: Kamura

    Oke, i uploaded the file and i'm back at look & feels, do i have to click 'edit skin...' to launch the visual editor or... (sorry for my questions :P)
  4. Download: Kamura

    Oke, thanks for the black color thing :D but in you screenshots i see you can change the color with the visual editor? But i don't really know how to launch that in a downloaded skin :D
  5. Download: Kamura

    Hi, i just bought the skin and i really looks nice! But a have 2 Questions: Where exacly can you change the headerbar color and the background (white/black) color, mmb please! :D