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  1. Active Users 3.2 block

    Good work ! The active users shown are just the ip content users , or the whole site ( ipb board also ? ) . It is the same thing as the "active users " of the board index ?
  2. Hi filoi mou ., have the same pro with greek caracters ( πχ alpha anti gia α ) ... specially on notifications ( mails ) also on the articles / ip content ( source code ) .. but i think it has nothing to do with the translation
  3. Can imagine that ? for some reason the hook after installation was disabled ... now it works just fine !!
  4. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    Hello , it seems that this hook works ! I have already the Forum Spammer IP & Email Check via stopforumspam .... but it doesnt seems to work .. on me .... i have always boots registering ( but not validating ) .... s othey remaining on validating list ... This hook here do not permitt them even to register ? as someone told that it isnt very obvious thst the 2 hook could collaborate , i m planning of unistalling the previous hook and installing this one ..... whats your advice ?
  5. Hello The same thing to me .. spam ips and mails , i have already the type of check on "Both: and Deny registration if email appears in SFS DB at all at yes .... ( is this the best choice ? ) Why are they make accounts ? ( but they dont validate .. same thing as before .. )
  6. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    Good work ! ( is there any prob if it is in the same board with (JG32) Forum Spammer IP & Email Check via stopforumspam ? )
  7. Contact Form

    I already uploaded it .. it is on the folder ...
  8. Contact Form

    Very good addon , but i have a problem i uploaded the upload file , but it doesnt appear on Manage Applications & Modules. What i m doing wrong ?