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  1. New harddrives anyone?

    The funny thing is that here in Germany, while internal HDDs are outrageously expensive, the prices for external disks went only slightly higher. Some retailers don't even seem to give a damn and sell their disks at regular prices (Metro for example recently had an external 3 TB disk for 99 Euros and Aldi Süd had a 2 TB disk for 80 Euros and an 1.5 TB NAS for 100 Euros). Edit: I had the chance to get two 2 TB disks from Aldi for some friends and had a look which unit is actually built-in. It was a Seagate drive that costs about 160 Euros right now. :)
  2. Folders don't show up in Linux' ls

    I moved /var/www to /var/blah and then back to /var/www and now suddenly both www and svn-repos show up again.
  3. Folders don't show up in Linux' ls

    Hey guys, I am having a weird problem with my Debian server. When I change into the /var directory and do an ls or ls -alh, everything I expect to be there shows up except for the two folders www and svn-repos. The two belong to www-data:www-data and have 755 permissions. I can cd into the two directories without problem, it's just that they don't appear in the directory list even when I am logged in as root. I even tried with mc just for fun and the folders don't show up in the list either. Any idea what the problem might be?
  4. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    Horrible experience here. iMac download was quite weird. First I got a HTTP 500 and then nothing in the app store worked. After a few minutes, suddenly the Lion installer popped out of nowhere and asked me what to do. Installed, rebooted, no keyboard found (I've got the Apple BT keyboard) but other than that, it worked. What annoys me is the fact that Lion appears to be much slower than Snow Leopard. The animations (dock, Mission Control, Launchpad, Time Machine) are jaggy, scrolling large file lists in Finder hangs, etc. I have the Dual Core 21.5" iMac with 3 GHz, nVidia GeForce 9400 video card and 8 GB RAM, but Snow Leopard used to be smoother. On my MacBook Pro (the cheapest model before they introduced the Core i series), download went much better (no error, progress during download) but took almost an hour. After preparing the system and rebooting, I was asked what language to choose and had the option to recover from a Time Machine backup or do a fresh install. Tried rebooting into Snow Leopard, but ended in the installer again where I chose to do a fresh install. Installation went through without problems, OS X started, my old Tuxera NTFS threw some errors and everything was back to normal, so it apparently did an upgrade. Before trying out Boot Camp, I upgraded File Vault which was a mistake as now, every time Windows boots, I get a BSOD due to the cache manager. First boot after Lion, AppleHFS.sys crashed with a BSOD. Edit: Oh, and my iMac loses Wi-Fi every few minutes for no reason.
  5. Installing ejabberd on Debian Squeeze - Crash with dump upon start

    Nevermind, installed Openfire.
  6. Hey guys, does any of you have experience in installing and configuring ejabberd under Debian Squeeze? I tried to set it up yesterday and failed. The installation finished successfully via apt and I configured it using dpkg-reconfigure ejabberd (set a hostname and the admin user). Whenever I start ejabberd however, the server crashes right away and there is a crash dump in /var/log/ejabberd/ which I cannot understand. No log whatsoever, though.
  7. Parallels or VMWare?

    I don't have much experience with Linux VMs under OS X unfortunately, but I can tell you that with Windows, Fusion seems more stable IMO although the network drivers caused a kernel panic once, though. However, Parallels crashed a couple of times with Windows 7 while Fusion worked fine. Performance-wise, VMware is not bad when operating with the VM itself, but I have performance issues when Windows 7 is running and I want to do something on the Mac (iMac with 3 GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 using 1 GB RAM). Even browsing the Internet can often lead to a beachball. I didn't have this problem with Parallels. The box when plugging in USB devices appears with Fusion too. It asks whether you want to mount the device in OS X or the guest OS.
  8. Free Google Apps limited to one domain?

  9. Hey guys, I recall being able to set-up domain aliases for free Google Apps accounts and that option is still visible in my control panel, but when I enter the domain name, Google tells me that Google Webmaster Tools are not available for my account. Any ideas if this is a temporary issue or did Google limit free accounts to one domain? The funny thing is that after getting the error, if I switch back to the list of registered domains, the newly entered domain appears with a link to confirm the ownership of the domain, but once I click on it, I get the same error about the Webmaster Tools. :(
  10. WMA Won't Work

    Did you have any other codec pack installed? Codec packs can mess up your system badly. For WMA you don't need anything as WMA files can be decoded natively. Are you able to play the files with other players? Winamp and foobar2000 have wrappers for the system decoder, but VLC for example has its own decoder for WMA.
  11. JQuery Silders Nav Question

    Complicated if you don't have a HTML for us I guess. Are the images floated? If yes, just use "clear: both" for the squares. Centering can be done using "margin: 0 auto" for example.
  12. SVN Issues

    Hmm... Download to another folder and use a symlink?
  13. How long is your..........

  14. mySQL INDEX question

    Partially right - for multi-column indexes, the first column will be used as index name. If the column was used previously for another index, the index name will be column-suffix where suffix is a number. mysql> create table test (id int auto_increment primary key, firstname varchar(255), lastname varchar(255), index(firstname), index(firstname, lastname)); mysql> show create table test\G *************************** 1. row *************************** Table: test Create Table: CREATE TABLE `test` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `firstname` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `lastname` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), KEY `firstname` (`firstname`), KEY `firstname_2` (`firstname`,`lastname`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1
  15. mySQL INDEX question

    Right. Umm.. Not really. Indexes have a lot of benefit when the cardinality is large. It wouldn't make any sense to put an index on the gender column of a table for example where you only have a cardinality of 3 (male, female, null).