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  1. SonyEricsson-World

    Download: Shoutbox

    I've uninstalled that application, downloaded again and uploaded and now works fine :) Thanks for help :)
  2. SonyEricsson-World

    Download: Shoutbox

    That's interesting, setting's panel does not work, also when i click on shoutbox card, nothing happens. I have no idea what to do :(
  3. SonyEricsson-World

    Download: Shoutbox

    When i try to write anything on shoutbox, i get error like that: for one second, then i see white screen and page trying to refresh. After a few minutes application is automatically turned off in acp and i get error that an error has occured and application is turned off.
  4. SonyEricsson-World

    Download: Shoutbox

    Hello, I've just installed Shoutbox 1.2.0 on my IP.Board 3.2.0 forum and i get error like this: What should i do in that situation? Uninstall, reupload application files and reinstall does not help. I get also warning information for 2 enabled hooks of that application in ACP