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  1. Thank you very much! Although plans may change I appreciate your words.
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen, as we all know: "Greed is good!", it's the base of capitalism, the right of freedom... wait, what?! Now back to the real topic: With IP.Calendar being separated from IPB two questions arise. 1) Is it really just for development-reasons and that people who don't need it are not wasting webspace? 2) Are there any plans to sell IP.Calendar or other "basic" features of IP.Board and Applications in the future? I don't know how familiar you are with "DLCs" (Downloadable Contents) for games, but currently they boom. A few years back you paid 50$ and got a polished game, nowadays you pay 60$+ get a huge load of bugs and only half of the content. The rest is shipped with DLCs you have to pay seperately. Now, what would you do if this happened to IPS? Suddenly they go crazy and sell basic features like the IM-feature, or the Calendar or even other stuff seperately? Would you just moan and cry or would you really say "Stop! No more hard-earned money from me!"? Many people would do the first. Playing the bad guy and refusing to buy or pay for anything while in reality paying due to laziness. With this thread I would like to get an answer from IPS about future plans like this. Is there anything like this planned or is there just a small idea about this? I do need to know for future decisions and although I don't expect an answer, maybe I will. Sincerely yours, Anonymous V
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