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  1. Have my new forum setup now: http://homeautoforum.com - Home Automation! :D

  2. Can't join to Client Lounge

    For people still having this problem, I did as well. Logout, log back in and you should be good after that.
  3. Possible change from vB4.2 to IPB

    The transfer isn't hard at all. It does it by itself as well. You just tell it what you want to transfer, and it does it. 1. Fairly easy, yes. There's members like me and others who are able to help as well. 2. Yes, this is actually the logical and smart way to do it. Make a test directory, transfer it, and test before you make it public. 3. I sort of explained above. 4. Yes. Forums, users, and groups will be migrated. 5. If this is part of vBulletin, it might migrate. I'm not sure about this one. 6. Probably not. IPB and vBulletin are different in many ways. Plug-ins have to be custom coded. 7. Permissions should also migrate. Don't apologize for asking questions! It's a good thing to ask questions and learn! PM me if you need any further help and I'll do my best!
  4. A forum has something called 'members'. Pay attention to that. They're a member, a part of your community. Of course people want to join a forum to discuss things, and see content that they're looking for, right? That being said, make a community that allows people to be heard. Let them post and have their opinions be seen 'by the world (internet :D)'. You also want to make goals, or something for them to look forward to. Something that they have to work toward. Whether it be an award system, or 500 posts gets you into a specific group. It's something for them to look forward to. Most people will do that. They'll work for it, and it keeps them going and going. Remind them through a sticky post that it's ONLY obtainable by doing X. X, isn't that far away. Maybe mention some members that have done X and got what you made obtainable. Otherwise, they're going to think it's impossible. Overall, you want to implement ideas and features that will allow the member to look forward to. Even useful content will be something they work for.
  5. Should i use 3.4x or IPS4x

    Check out my signature. I'm using 3.4.x It's really all preference. I'm basically using 3.4.x, because I'm not patient enough to upgrade applications, or to wait for the apps to be updated by someone else. 3.4.x has A LOT of mods, skins, hooks and the whole 9. 4.x is the latest and greatest. Really nice things in the update, but not as much add-on development made (yet). So it's really your preference.
  6. Anyone interested in Home Automation?

    There was an error on my profile when I tried to edit my settings. It's not fixed, meaning my forum is now in my signature. It's BRAND new, and for home automation. I agree! It's already amazing what we're capable of doing. It's going to be pretty crazy to see where technology takes us.
  7. I currently do this for a living. I'm wondering how many of you know about it/are interested in it. Recently created a forum for it.
  8. IPB Questions

    Well, I used to do some skinning and developing for IPB back in the day, and decided I'd come back. Wanted to make sure none of my questions changed: 1. If I buy the $175 package for just the forum, it says I have to renew every 6 months (it's been this way), and I don't use the software for a year, do I pay $25, or $175 again? 2. Am I able to still use 3.x? There's a lot of add-ons and skins that I found in the marketplace for 3.x, and aren't compatible with 4.x
  9. Download: Vulxa

    Just updated this. The skin is now free.
  10. Download: Vulxa

    File Name: Vulxa File Submitter: TheHappenen File Submitted: 10 Aug 2012 File Category: Light Skins This a simple, but yet effective skin. It's light, and professional looking. This is good for about any kind of forum, and is easy on the eyes. I will be helping, and supporting people with this skin. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or need support, use the support topic, or PM me. What is this skin compatible with? - IPB 3.3.x - IP.Calendar - IP.Nexus - IP.Blog - IP.Chat - IP.Downloads - IP.Content - Jawards - Many More Applications, and hooks. What is included in the file download?2 xml files (Needed For Install License & Instructions logo.psd These are some of the nice features: Small logo, and slogan below: Another navigation on the top. Simple, and nice: Tons of customized pages, and content: Click here to download this file
  11. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    What exactly are you trying to get done? I'm a Skinner.
  12. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    Great application. I went ahead, and edited the template bit, and now have it looking perfect on the awards page, as well as the profile tab.
  13. Finished a skin, and it will be up ASAP. If you need any kind of support, or customizations, PM me.

  14. Since when am I a mod here?...LOL

    NVM, I have it too...