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  1. Invision Steam

    The final version (v1.1.0) finally managed to fully upload to InvisionPower, InvisionPower was having some issues w/ revisions. I also reuploaded screenshots.
  2. Invision Steam

    ​Sorry I've been having issues with InvisionPower updating the template and applying screenshots. I'll get it fixed.
  3. Invision Steam

    I released version 1.1.1, but for some reason it's not updating and it's not downloadable. Anyone else have the option to download the newest version?
  4. Invision Steam

    ​It's mainly simple fixes, such as better color unification or alignment issues that people were experiencing. There will be one more bug fix update coming in the near future and hopefully the last. As for new features, nothing yet. Speaking of new features should the steam skin be updated to reflect Steams new web scheme/theme? http://steamcommunity.com/
  5. Invision Steam

    Okay everyone! I released a big batch of bug fixes in version 1.1.0 - I have even more planned shortly I just wanted to get this out. @Mobster - I just wanted to let you know I am working on re-designing the input/reply field, it's actually separate for the internal skin. That's why you see different colorings and glitches when for example you bring open the Hyperlink/image link dialog box.
  6. Invision Steam

    ​Yea, sorry. My schedule has been very tight, I am aiming toward a bug fix next week including other bug fixes I've accumulated.
  7. Invision Steam

    ​Thanks for notifying me of this, I'll get it fixed soon! Very strange I didn't find that before.
  8. Invision Steam

    ​I am going to try, I have a limited time schedule with college. I'll try my best to get an updated version out.
  9. Invision Steam

    ​Have you tried following the instructions text file? If that's not working you can contact me on steam for a quicker response. http://steamcommunity.com/id/vypr-one/ EDIT: Also make sure you're on a supported IPB Version and are using InvisionSteam 1.0
  10. Invision Steam

    ​Sorry for the late response, yes I do. Just simply send me a PM of your domain and you can remove the copyright. I just like to keep track of which websites do this.
  11. Invision Steam

    ​Great, enjoy the skin and let me know if you run into any troubles or maybe have some suggestions.
  12. Invision Steam

    ​Sorry there was a permission issue that didn't allow me to reply, did this get resolved? I see you in the download history.
  13. Invision Steam

    Updated to Version 1.0.0 - all bugs should be fixed. I cannot reproduce any previous bugs. Let me know if you have any issues. Sorry it took forever! I'll work on a mobile theme in the near future because of it. Also everyone, let me know if you want me to modify the theme to match Steam's updated theme.
  14. Invision Steam

    Very sorry, I was swamped with College. Finished most of my classes early, I'll contact you w/ my fix. Going to release 1.0 after I have all bugs fixed.