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  1. Emojis :: Ultimate Emoticons Pack

    I can confirm this as i had the same issue actually :|
  2. Emojis :: Ultimate Emoticons Pack

    Nice addon, bought it earlier today to help save me some time. However, i cannot for the life of me figure out how to add new sets? As Food, Celebration, Activity are not included in the sets with this plugin o.o
  3. IPS neglecting customer

    I have had issues with ips in the past taking time before, however it's always been resolved. Almost always though when the response takes longer they have quite a high workload at the time. I will say this though, i just renewed my license 30 seconds ago without any issues and had no problems finding anything. Try to keep in mind they are human too, i'm sure it wasn't intentional
  4. Embers

    ​Sure is, ill send you a pm on your site about it.
  5. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Thanks to everyone involved!
  6. black friday coupon?

    I submitted a ticket and no response, about similar issues. How long does it usually take for a response? Thanks in advance!
  7. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

    ​I agree, i wanted to renew with the discount yet was never sent a email about it, happened to stumble across it googling IPB coupons...
  8. Embers

    Sorry, i'm busy with IRL issues hence why no response. It's easy to do, view the source and simply mimic it in the CSS like i did for the nav.
  9. Venom

    Sorry for the delay, didn't even notice this. Simply go into ipb_styles.css and alter body { with a new url to your image :)
  10. Embers

    File name: Embers Submitter: Ignited Submitted: 05/02/2014 Category: Look and Feel Discussion URL : Support Info: Please use the support topic in order to receive support. Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x Introducing a mostly flat css based easy to read dark minimal skin with customizable elements and enhancements. Such as a sociable footer and even a welcome message to guests. Features: Customized footer with social, extra links and an about us section.Guest message built into the theme itself, customizable.Mostly based on CSS with some CSS3 tweaks, faster loading speeds due to lack of not so needed images.Comes with psd for logo as well as the font.Font awesome icons in navbar.Rotating avatars.Animated logo shaking.Animated scrolling header background.Colored scroll bars to match the skin "only on chrome".Dark matching editor.Custom elements such as the social footer and guest messages are able to be customized, simply expand the templates and edit the templates listed as _embers.Embers is based off the default IPB skin and should be compatible with most if not all hooks and apps. Embers is my second skin, so there may be issues however i am willing to fix those issues, just leave them in the support topic Please do not redistribute, as this is quite affordable compared to other skins, it also motivates me to present more fixes and update this quite more frequently. View File
  11. Venom

    File name: Venom Submitter: Ignited Submitted: 04/18/2014 Category: Look and Feel Discussion URL : Support Info: I will do my best to keep it updated as much as possible and fix bugs as Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x Features: Font awesome icons in navbar.Forum hovering color changing.Rotating avatars.Latest IPB version.Animated logo shaking.Animated scrolling header background.Colored scrollbars to match the skin "only on chrome".Also affordable.This skin is based off the default IPB skin and should be compatible with most if not all hooks and apps. This is also part of my first set of skins, issues are expected and i will do my best to find and fix issues as fast as possible when i have time. View File
  12. Pips and Team Icons

    How could i hook or use this to place them to the right hand side of the username? Is it possible you could add this feature?
  13. License Changes Live

    k thanks
  14. License Changes Live

    I did not renew my board, now it's marked as canceled. Does this mean i have to pay another 150 - 175 to get my license back? Or will paying the 45 give me it back?
  15. (SD32) Reputation Reason

    English translated (sd32_reputation_reason.xml): http://pastebin.com/4LBfd57J