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  1. Queued Items

    Here's what I have : And when I click on 30 queued topics, I get this : With only 1 queued topic.
  2. Queued Items

    Hi, Thanks for this hook. I've installed it on my board running 3.2.1 but I think there is an error. When displaying the number of queued items in the sidebar, it displays the number of posts instead of messages and vice-versa. For example, if there is 1 post and 30 messages as queued items, it will display 1 message and 30 posts. Could you please check this out? Thanks.
  3. Download: Improved Avatars

    Hi, I'm still having this issue even on 1.1.5. The image is still overflowing outside the avatar window. Is that normal?
  4. Download: Improved Avatars

    Also, what is the language key for this hook as I want to translate the text displayed publicly like "Use image from URL","Avatar from URL " and "Enter the URL of the image" but I can't find them while searching in the language pack. Thanks for your help.
  5. Download: Improved Avatars

    Hi, thanks indeed for this fix. I can now click on the "Done" button with the 1.1.3 version but there's another issue when choosing an image from url. I've chosen an image of 518 × 600 and when the image appear in the Photo Editor window, it overflows as shown in this picture : Do you think that this is an issue with your hook or with IPB? Thanks.
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Moderator Control Panel

    [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1301487634'] .Ian: There will be a global setting "Allow Super Moderators to view deleted content in Moderator Control Panel?" Hi, could you point to me where this setting is as I can't find it nowhere on 3.2.1. Thanks.
  7. Download: Improved Avatars

    Hi, I've installed the latest version of Improved Avatars 1.1.2 on my newly updated forum running iPB 3.2.1 using the default skin(no mod whatsoever). The problem is that after opening the window to change the avatar, I cannot click on the "Done" button : This happened the second time I tried changing the avatar. So after updating the options for the first time, everything worked well, but when I tried changing the avatar for the second time, I cannot do so since I can't click on the "Done" button. Is this a bug? Thanks for your reply.
  8. Download: Improved Avatars

    Hi, thanks for this hook. Does this work with the new released version of IPB 3.2.1? I've bought this 2 days back and since I've upgraded, I would like to know before installing it on 3.2.1.