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  1. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Hi folks, I'm getting a weird issue with Social Groups on my site (http://www.flightsimulatornetwork.com/groups/). More often than not, a click on any of the links doesn't do anything at all. You seem to need to click almost precisely in the middle of the link! I'm running 2.0.0 Beta 3, but this has happened in earlier releases, too. Hovering over the link shows the tooltip for the link itself, so it's definitely a "live" link. I notice it's fine on the demo site. Any ideas? It's driving me nuts!
  2. Youtube media tag

    I can't get this working either. I paste into a post and it shows the link (not even as a link). I have Automatically Parse set to Yes and YouTube is enabled in my Media Tags. Any ideas? Of course, it works here, lol!
  3. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Sorry, I'm being an idiot. I had it in my mind they should be in the right side bar of each groups page, when in fact they've been sitting there on the left all along! My apologies :) Mark
  4. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    rsyvarth - did you know your domain expired yesterday? Therefore no demo etc... :( Have purchased the add-on and really enjoying the functionality. Is there any way the Group Discussion posts can be listed on an individual groups "portal" page? Take this page for example: http://www.flightsimulatornetwork.com/groups/show/2-car-simming/ - there are discussions related to this group, but it's not apparent from this page. Would be nice if it listed some of them under the "News" section. Happy New Year! :)
  5. Newsletters

    Update: I hit Publish again on my weekly update to try and force it, and it's generated 2 identical Newsletters in the Topic. Not sure if it's also sent out 2 Newsletters to everyone yet...
  6. Newsletters

    I've got the same issue. It sent out the very first issue of a "weekly" newsletter (1 week ago yesterday) but yesterday's scheduled release hasn't happened. Next Distribution is still showing the 27th November.
  7. Super News Feed

    Nice update. However, I'm not getting any sign of added gallery items in the feed. I have the hook installed. IPB V 3.2.3, Gallery V 4.1.1. Site can be viewed at http://flightsimulatornetwork.com Cheers, Mark
  8. Newsletters

    PM sent with cgi file as requested.
  9. Newsletters

    Maybe I'm just being thick, but I'm struggling to work out how to use this. I've created a newsletter, previewed it and supposedly published it. It appears in the new topic I created, yet the Last Distribution remains blank, so I assume it's not actually sent. How do I actually send it out?
  10. Newsletters

    When I clicked Publish on my first newsletter, I received just a blank page. I stupidly then hit refresh, and got another blank page. I then checked in the forum I'd created to store the newsletters, and there were 2 new topics for the same newsletter, so I assume I've sent it to everyone twice. This was on the version prior to that of the 20th November, so it may have been fixed, but I won't know until I try and send the next newsletter.
  11. Portal

    That did it, thanks! Sorry, I should've tried that earlier. Just need to work out how to get the calendar showing now :) Am I correct in thinking a gallery plugin is coming along? Thanks again for your help.
  12. Portal

    Yes, I have values set for that section. Not sure if it's any help, but I get the message "No group was passed. Please try again" when clicking the settings icon next to the IP.Board Recent Topics in the Portal Plug-Ins page.
  13. Hi folks, I've just installed IP.SEO 1.5.1 and it looks to be working, except I get the message "No plugins to run for: blog" (and similar for chat, gallery etc) in the Last Run view. Is this anything to worry about? It's created a sitemap okay, although a fairly small one. Regards, Mark
  14. Portal

    Hi folks, I'm probably being dense here, but I'm not seeing any actual content on my Portal page (http://www.flightsimulatornetwork.com/index.php/portal/). The sidebar looks okay with the default values, but how do I content to appear? I've selected the Forums I'd like to extract data from in the Portal Settings. Sorry for the newbie question - I've only been using IPB a very short time. I'm using the latest version of Portal (downloaded today) on an IPB 3.2 installation, having first removed the old Portal. Thanks, Mark