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  1. To my knowledge that API is purely to show where users currently are in the IPS Community Suite - it wouldn't know what WordPress posts people were viewing.
  2. Do you mean straight away or upon visit? Due to it being SSO when a user logs in to WordPress the member_id and pass_hash cookies wouldn't be set until they visit IP.Board, the code itself in this hook won't set those cookies, IP.Boards framework will do that. If you want to directly contact me through AIM (listed on my profile) or some other instant solution it might be good to see what's up on the WordPress end and why IP.Board isn't recognising it :)
  3. I don't see how the product is 'unfinished', there is one scenario I am aware of that causes it to not function properly - if you've installed the IPS Converters then there is a bug, which I am aware of and will push out a fix for. Also, I haven't seen a post from you saying there has been an issue, your last post was a feature request which is outside the scope of SSO? So, I'm a bit confused here.. There'll be an update out this week which rewrites how IP.Board handles the SSO, it uses a different method which should help stop some of the temperamental issues people are facing. Avatars will also be fixed, and I'm looking into the logout issue now. I'm balancing time between this, university, and also my job, sorry I didn't respond to this topic - in all honesty it slipped my mind, this topic doesn't get checked anywhere near as much as my email (which gets pushed through to my phone the second you send it). PM/email, and you can guarantee I've seen your message, and I'll get back to you. Finally, as for the few feature requests, please note this *is* an SSO module, it's not a data synchronization script (though admittedly it does synchronize a few things). It won't ever synchronize forum topics to WordPress posts, that's outside the scope of this. For those that have genuine support requests, please send me a PM, or send me an email, you'll more than likely get a response within 24 hours there. Quicker than this topic anyway.
  4. First of all, apologies for the delays in these replies, been completely swamped recently with backlog from holiday, upcoming university etc. Anyway.. 1. As you've said in a more recently reply, I'm pulling from the wrong column name - will get that updated shortly to pull display name instead. 2. They get an account on first visit, so the member count would gradually increase. There's also a chance they're marked as incomplete members which would mean they'd show up in 'Manage Incomplete Members' - if they do, that's a bug I'll have to take a look at. 1. Authentication would indeed work between the two domains, but the automatic login wouldn't due to cookie restrictions (they can't be shared across domains). Not too much I can do about that unfortunately. 2. http://www.alexhobbs.co.uk/documentation/wordpress_sso.html What version of WordPress are you running? I'll need to probably look into your site in more detail so if you want to send me a PM, I should be able to get you sorted. Is it being called every page load? That shouldn't be happening at all..
  5. I'll have to look into those two issues when I return. General note for support: I am on holiday for a week and will not return until the 27th so will not be available to answer questions, I'll get back to you as soon as I can when I return though!
  6. Hey, since 1.3 was released I haven't heard any bugs come through - I think it is fairly stable (though best to ask others that!) - there isn't an installation service as such because I've made it as simple to install as possible, there is a read me which guides you through the process. In essence - upload files to IP.Board, upload files to WordPress, run installers on both WordPress and IP.Board, configure the settings and you're done.
  7. I've heard that over at the WordPress forums a few times, it seems to be a WordPress issue that it only *sometimes* respects the &redirect_to command on the login/logout URLs, I haven't got to the bottom of it and I believe it is actually a WordPress bug - will see if there is a workaround though.
  8. You'd have to clear your existing cookies to be sure (log out and then back in again on IP.Board) - wordpress should recognise it then. Forgot to say I noticed you're on a subdomain, put the domain as .celtictalk.org
  9. Ah okay, that will need setting globally too, at the moment WordPress cannot see your cookies. Cookie path set to /, I'd personally leave the other two boxes blank. (Unless you have other cookies conflicting with that already)
  10. How are your cookies set up in IP.Board, can you provide an image of the cookie settings in the Admin CP?
  11. I spent a few more days with 1.2, so instead of releasing it at the weekend like I said, I've put several new features in it. 1.2.0 is mainly about automatic login for WordPress, users will no longer have to re-enter their login details on WordPress, and it will automatically log them in if they are logged into IP.Board. This now means that this hook is a complete, seamless SSO integration *both* ways. There is also a new option to sync passwords, this allows your users to share the same password between WordPress and IP.Board, if a member changes their password in WordPress, it will change their password on next login to IP.Board. And vice versa. Please read ReadMe.html for instructions on how to upgrade, and I hope you enjoy this release Let me know of any problems you have, and any suggestions you have for future releases in terms of account sync. EDIT: Special thanks to Dannyarr for the tips on the WordPress side of things! Much appreciated.
  12. Yes you can, but do take note that a few people have asked recently: It won't sync all the accounts when you install the plugin, it just syncs members on a case by case basis when they login to WordPress for the first-time, so the registered users of IPB won't all appear in WordPress straight away, only when each member personally logs in to WordPress/visits WordPress.
  13. I don't know, cross posting/commenting is a lot of work. Cross template is a definite no. This is an authentication bridge, it's up to the end user to style both WordPress and IP.Board to look the same.. not sure why a mod would do this in any shape or form. For reference, the IP.Converge Modules don't support SSO anyway, which is the difference here. For what you're asking (cross commenting etc.), that would easily run into the $100s in terms of custom work, which just isn't practical. There will definitely be a way, I've not actually been able to code since upgrading to OS X Lion until today, my development program was kicking up a fuss and they've just patched it.. I just need to look into the appropriate WordPress hook points, but it will definitely be done!
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