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  1. Its a shame, was my favorite skin, actually the only skin i offer to users. this has been the one reason I have yet to update to 3.2.3. I already have custom stuff written into the skin that I would have to redo, and having to fix other things would just drive me insane lol.
  2. IP.Blog should be included if you use a hosted community through IPB. However, sadly it isn't compatible with IP.Blog yet. :(
  3. I have this exact same thing happen except I'm using 3.2.0. I will however be upgrading all my things to 3.2.2 soon so who knows. I've never had any complaints and it never bothered me so I never thought to put in tracker. Basically just letting ya know it isn't a 3.2.2 isolation.
  4. This fix should be in the works, it was something I reported some time ago, but with new IPBoard versions it can take some time to get fixes like this updated while keeping up with the mini updates from IPB itself lol. But while Im here, in IP.Blog, the icons on buttons, the logo, and any icon really are gone, they are just the image you get when a picture fails to load. Any ideas? Everything works fine in other skins.
  5. Take your time lol, I cant upgrade to 3.2.1 until all the apps I use are upgraded too anyways haha
  6. Other than disabling the hook I don't know. I have yet to experience site response times slower because of hook.
  7. Although your site is very nice looking *kudos* for the great work on bringing a lot of valuable information on your team to one nicely designed home.
  8. Did you recache templets? Also you can go into System > Manage Applications & Modules > Edit Application: Shoutbox You must make sure that there is something in the 'Appication Public Title' (This is what text will appear in the menu tab and at top of shoutbox). You must then go into the Tab Permissions on that same page and make sure the application is not hidden for all current and future groups. *EDIT* (Go Packers!)
  9. This is a pretty strong unsupported statement. In fact I researched this to see what support and other news might be out there and in fact after much time searching the most recent news I could come up with was from November of 2010. ALSO, every website involved in those seizures where not just "linking" they were P2P file transfer sites, bit torrent sites, etc. Your beginning to sound like the forum member that cried wolf. Wheres your supporting proof, links, screenshots, etc of noteworthy news articles or actual statements from the Department of Homeland Security (which is in charge of ICE)?
  10. Can you elaborate more on what you mean? Pic or something?
  11. Sssssllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppp

  12. Sssssllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppp

  13. I have my members set to only allow post edits during the first 2 hours. After that only a Global Mod or Admin can edit any post.
  14. Kenichi Tanaka, herein lies the issue, even if this app would be illegal in the United States (Im not going to debate the legality of ICE seizing websites using this app) the fact remains that A) IPB has done nothing illegal. B) They have made it known what you do with an app is on you and to make sure you know what it is before you use it. C) IPB is not limited to the USA. So even IF the app is illegal here, it may be usable in other countries still (and as long as the site owner lives in another country and domains, hosting, etc are in another country, there is not a thing ICE can do about it. D) Website owners should know their regions laws regarding what content can and cannot be hosted/displayed/linked to etc. Failure to do that and getting your website seized is just their own fault for not asking themselves and finding out "is this legal?". I have to agree with some of the other posters that this tread was started to make debate. All you have to do talk with support is send a nice detailed email to them explaining your thoughts and worries. I mean, one of our best marketplace developers has a mod that will let you display something that is illegal in some places but not others, should we take his files off IPB too? Basically unless its an app that has hidden malicious codes in it, hacks your stuff, hacks your visitors, then there is no reason to worry.
  15. Thank you for this addition, Whilst it is no where near what we had in 3.1.4 with the function of having a profile pic and avatar, it is still a great step forward in restoring a major feature so many of use needed to have back.
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